Teeth Replacement Options and Implant Dentistry in Lincoln, NE

Teeth Replacement Options and Implant Dentistry in Lincoln, NE

Losing teeth can be a challenging, embarrassing process. It’s easy for us to take our smiles for granted. But when it’s gone, it typically results in a complete lack of confidence. Fortunately, our team at Preserve Family Dentistry can help. Our Lincoln dentist and implant dentistry team have helped many patients get their smiles back and gain an enormous amount of confidence.

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There are a few different options for teeth replacement for those who have lost their teeth. Among those, affordable dental implants near me in Lincoln, NE, and dentures are common. This article, however, will focus on the latest in teeth replacement, which is implant dentistry.

Implants are generally an ideal option for those looking to replace their teeth; they look and feel more natural compared to traditional dentures or bridges. So, let’s take a closer look at implant dentistry.

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Dental Implants in Lincoln, NE: The Basics – What Are They?

What is implant dentistry? Implant dentistry, in short, is an option for replacing one tooth or multiple teeth. Typically, when a tooth or teeth are lost, it’s always good to consider a replacement. While many replacement options are available, implant dentistry is an excellent option for reasons far beyond longevity. 

Implants don’t just offer function and improved aesthetics; implants also offer preservation of a youthful appearance. How, you might ask? Dental implants…

  • Stimulate bone
  • Help prevent resorption (bone loss)
  • Eliminates the “sunken-in” facial appearance that often results over time from tooth loss. 

How does implant dentistry work? In the case of a single implant, a titanium dental implant is placed below the gumline, attached to an abutment, and covered with a dental crown. Full-mouth dental implants are multiple implants attached to one large “bridge” and affixed to implant posts. Your new tooth or teeth will appear natural-looking and blend in seamlessly with any existing teeth, and function just like a natural tooth. 

Affordable dental implants in Lincoln, NE, offer:

  • Outstanding durability
  • Phenomenal longevity
  • Unbelievable aesthetics with the proper care 
  • Offer patients a permanent option for tooth replacement.

Although you’ve likely heard the term “permanent dentures,” it’s crucial to know that the term “implant dentures” should be used carefully. Implant dentures are essentially dentures that are held in place by implants. 

A Hybrid bridge, or Hybrid Prosthesis, on the other hand, is not a denture and offers so much more. Dentures aren’t “bad”, they just don’t come with as many benefits as a Hybrid Prosthesis.

The Hybrid Prosthesis, often referred to as “All-on-4 dental implants,” is a progressive state-of-the-art full mouth replacement option for someone who does not want the hassle of taking a traditional denture in and out. The Hybrid Prosth

esis is not a denture, but rather a prosthesis to replace all teeth at once. This is the best treatment option for full replacement of all teeth,and can often be more cost-effective for patients that need restorative work on nearly every tooth or multiple implants.

If you are in search of replacement teeth in Lincoln, NE, be sure to include the following common tooth replacement names to your search, so that you fully understand what each option has to offer. Some of the most common names you’ll want to include in your search are:

If you are using a search engine such as Google, you might find that some of these names are the same, such as the Hybrid Bridge and Hybrid Prosthesis, for example. If you want to know more about each item, your dentist in Lincoln, NE, is an excellent resource. They’ll be able to explain all the differences, tell you which names refer to the same thing and if one option might be a better choice for you. Let’s look at a few items here.

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Implant Dentistry in Lincoln, NE: Implant vs Dental Bridge – Which Is Better?

Dental BridgeA dental bridge from a dentist in Lincoln, NE, is a permanent set of dental crowns that bridges the gap created by a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. A bridge is fixed over the spot where natural teeth once lived and are supported by teeth surrounding the opening, also called abutment teeth, which help hold the bridge in place. 

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE, Dr. Anton Diy, places dental crowns on a bridge to resemble natural teeth (although they aren’t). The pontic tooth, or fake tooth, replaces missing teeth that were once there. Your new bridge will look natural and blend in seamlessly with other existing natural teeth.

However, it’s essential to know that an implant-retained bridge is slightly different from a traditional bridge. An implant-retained bridge is different because:

  • This particular bridge is held in place by a dental implant rather than by the surrounding teeth. 
  • The implant used resembles a small screw, which is placed by an oral surgeon.
  • An oral surgeon will place the screw, or implant, into your jawbone to support the bridge.
  • Existing bone will heal around the implant within just a few months.

Choosing between a dental bridge versus dental implants can be a difficult decision. Our dentist in Lincoln, NE, follows a few general guidelines that might help you decide. A bridge is a more practical option if the adjacent teeth around a missing space are already decayed or cracked and require crowns. 

A dental implant, in most cases, is almost always the best, most conservative option for tooth replacement. A dental implant is an excellent choice because the adjacent teeth next to the missing space are not affected by the implant placement.

Placing an implant also provides the added benefit of helping maintain and preserve bone. When a tooth or teeth are removed, bone dissolves in the space tooth/teeth once occupied. Thus, the result is a sunken-in facial appearance from a lack of bone support for facial structures. Implants keep bone active and prevent resorption.

Who can benefit from implants?

  • Patients with one missing tooth, especially a chewing tooth, can benefit from implants. 
  • On occasion, however, additional surgery may be needed to ensure adequate bone support for the implants.

Rarely is a patient not a good candidate for the successful placement of implants.

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Implant dentistry in Lincoln, NE: Implant-Retained Cosmetic Dentures – How Do They Work?

Dentures are commonly known as a set of removable teeth. They are often used to replace the teeth of someone who is edentulous or has suffered tooth loss. Those who wear dentures must remove them each day for a certain amount of time and thoroughly clean them during removal. 

An “implant denture”, also known as an overdenture, is a removable implant-retained denture that, as previously stated, snaps onto implant attachments. This is the “standard of care” for patients who need or want a lower denture.

The most significant advantage of dental implants is:

  • Their ability to hold the denture in place and help preserve the lower jaw bone from resorption. 

Implant-retained cosmetic dentures are custom-made and take several appointments to fabricate. Although they take several appointment to make, implant-retained dentures have many benefits including:

  • Natural Appearance – Implants look nearly identical to real teeth. We can match your gum color and place them to appear natural.
  • Easy To Get Used To and Comfortable – Unlike conventional affordable dentures, implants help make an implant denture stable and comfortable inside a person’s mouth.
  • Permanent –You’ll never need to remove implants. Instead, you clean them by brushing and flossing, like natural teeth.
  • Limitless Food Options – While conventional affordable dentures limit what foods you can eat, “implant dentures in Lincoln, NE” allow you to enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Preserve Bone Structure – Overall, “implant dentures” are much healthier for your jawbone. They’ll prevent bone loss from happening, just like natural teeth.

The main drawback of “implant dentures” is the cost and requiring surgical placement. Although this doesn’t deter many people from completing the procedure, it’s still something that many consider when deciding on tooth replacement options in Lincoln, NE. The easiest thing you can do if you are considering tooth/teeth replacement options in Lincoln, NE, is to visit with your Lincoln dentist. He or she will be able to guide you in making a decision that won’t just benefit your smile, but also your overall health.

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The Hybrid Prosthesis with Multiple Dental Implants: An Excellent Tooth Replacement Option for Preservation of Bone

Millions of people experience tooth loss; as a result, Periodontal disease or gum disease. Approximately 40 million people are edentulous or have no teeth in the U.S. alone. This problem can cause severe barriers to someone’s everyday life. Without teeth, speaking, eating, and even the “normal” shape of your face are affected. In the past, few tooth replacement solutions were cost-effective. Additionally, a lack of technology made replacing teeth effectively very difficult, which means there was very little you could do if you lost your teeth.

Today, however, there are a handful of outstanding solutions. The most known solution for bone loss prevention is the Hybrid Prosthesis. This is an innovative solution we’re proud to offer to our patients with the help of NOFS, Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery. Since this prosthesis is implanted into the jawbone, it prevents resorption, also known as bone loss. As a result, your jaw can help maintain your face’s shape, unlike other standard methods of teeth replacement.

A dental supply company, Nobel Biocare™, developed this technology to provide a long-lasting, cost-effective, and precise option for those that need replacement teeth. Using computer-guided implant surgery, our dentist in Lincoln, NE, and the oral surgeon can prepare final implants before a patient undergoes surgery.

Because of this technology, patients can walk away with minimal postoperative discomfort and brand new, permanent teeth. In nearly all cases, patients can resume their normal routine the next day.

The most common benefits of full mouth implants, All-on-4 Implants, or the Hybrid Prosthesis are:

  • Beautiful, Natural Teeth in only one day. Even your new temporary set of teeth will appear completely natural and beautiful, and rest assured they’ll be an excellent replacement alternative.
  • Fast & Effective procedure that delivers the top, most effective results with implants that can happen in a single appointment!
  • Optimal Safety and Comfort with gentle oral sedation, which ensures your comfort and safety.
  • More Cost-Efficient overall, a “Hybrid denture”, or the Hybrid Prosthesis as we prefer it be called, is more cost-efficient than single multiple implants.
  • Maintained Bone Structure the Hybrid Prosthesis helps maintain bone structure, unlike other types of teeth replacements.
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The Hybrid Prosthesis, or “Hybrid Denture” Process – What Should You Plan For?

If you have elected to have the Hybrid Prosthesis procedure, the process will be relatively simple and is as follows:

1. Attend Your Free Consultation. Here you will work through a customized plan for your individual needs. You will be presented with the total procedure cost.

2. Complete A Full Exam. Upon deciding to proceed with the Hybrid Prosthesis, you’ll again meet with the dentists, have an exam, finalize your treatment plan, and schedule your procedure.

3. Receive Your Dental Implants. For this step in the process, you’ll undergo surgical treatment to receive your new dental implants. Your new implants will hold your temporary teeth while a dental lab creates your new permanent ones. Don’t worry, these temporary teeth are fabricated to look and feel just like natural teeth.

4. Post-Procedure Follow-Up. There is a reasonably brief recovery period following the Hybrid Prosthesis implant procedure. You’ll need to eat soft food and check-in with your dentist to ensure proper healing during this period. Once you’re healed, you’ll be able to eat anything you want.

5. Receive Your Permanent Teeth. Once your mouth has finished healing, you’ll receive your new, permanent teeth, which will last a lifetime – say goodbye to removable teeth or no teeth at all.

If you’re wondering who should consider the Hybrid Prosthesis, generally, those who have lost all teeth or are about to lose all teeth make great candidates. Additionally, current denture wearers make great candidates, and our dentists in Lincoln, NE, would be happy to explain all the benefits.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Implant Dentistry:

What is the cost of custom dentures?

Like with any other medical procedure, the cost of custom dentures depends on several factors. Schedule a consultation with our dentist in Lincoln, NE, to see what new, custom dentures will cost you.

How much is a single dental implant? 

A single implant is generally around $3500-$4000. A 3-unit bridge, on the other hand, is approximately $3300 without any dental insurance coverage. If your insurance policy does cover part of your treatment, the cost for these procedures may be lower. 

Our team at Preserve Family Dentistry will provide an estimate for the cost of your treatment once you and our Lincoln dentist have decided upon a final treatment plan. This is an estimate only and is figured based on whether or not you have insurance coverage and how much your plan will pay. Do know, however, that this estimate is subject to change once the final claim has been submitted and processed.

Which is better, All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implants?

The biggest difference between the All-on-4 and the All-on-6 is the number of dental implants as indicated by the number “4” or “6”. Some dentists believe that the All-on-6 is a better option and offers more stability because of the six implants. Some dentists, on the other hand, believe that the All-on-4 implants are sufficient and will offer just as much support as the All-on-6.

How many teeth are in All-on-4?

On average, full-mouth dental implants include ten to fourteen teeth. These teeth are fixed with abutments to titanium implant posts and are the closest you can get to natural teeth.

What is the success rate of All-on-4 dental implants?

The All-on-4 dental implants or Hybrid Prosthesis have an incredibly high success rate. Generally, the Hybrid Prosthesis can last for many years with excellent home care. However, some factors can influence success rate, including diabetes, osteoporosis, smoking, drinking, smoking, not following dietary restrictions, post-operative instructions, or other specific medical conditions that can affect the longevity of your hybrids.

What is the All-on-4 dental implant procedure?

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure is the precise placement of titanium posts, four of them to be exact, into the lower or upper jawbone. Once the titanium posts have been implanted and allowed to heal, a dental bridge is fixed to the new implants, instantly giving you all new teeth. The All-on-4 implant procedure eliminates the need to replace teeth individually and instead allows you to replace a lower or upper arch of teeth at one time.

What is the cost of an implant bridge or a 4-on-1 implant bridge

Ultimately, several factors will determine the final cost of your implant bridge, such as dental insurance and how many teeth you have on your bridge. Implant Bridge Dentist Near Me | West Lincoln, NE (coddingtondental.com)


If you’ve been on the fence about replacing any of your missing teeth, know that implant dentistry in Lincoln, NE is an excellent option. Whether you’re contemplating a single dental implant, a ClearChoice® Implant Bridge, traditional dentures, or a “Hybrid denture”, it’s important to know that dental implants have so much to offer.

A permanent implant denture will remove the hassle of denture creams and unsightly shifting while talking and give you an instant boost in self-confidence. Just search for “affordable dental implants near me in Lincoln, NE” or “implant dentistry in Lincoln, NE” – our skilled dental team would love to meet you and would honor the opportunity to restore your smile!

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