Hybrid Prosthesis:
Full-Mouth Replacement Teeth in One Day

Ever experienced teeth loss? We know how difficult that can be. If it isn’t already difficult enough, finding the best option for replacement teeth can be even more discouraging. Sometimes the search can seem endless, and often unsatisfying. But what if you were able to have a full set of brand new teeth in one day?

With our revolutionary new procedure, Hybrid Prosthesis, you can restore your smile!


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Bone Loss From Loss of Teeth

When you lose all your teeth, the bones in your jaw naturally begin to deteriorate. Without teeth, your jawbones have no support. As a result, time takes a toll on your face, causing your face to sink in and make you look older.


Natural Bone Loss Without Replacement Teeth

30 years old: Facial structures are properly supported and in natural proportion, maintaining a youthful appearance.

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45 years old: Loss of teeth resulting in subtle structural changes (cheeks can sink in slightly) even as young as 45.

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60 years old: As bone loss progresses, the loss of facial support is pronounced. The cheeks and lips lose their support creating a more aged look.

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75 years old: The continued presence of a denture accelerates bone loss and loss of structural support of the face and soft tissues. The lower third of the face is dramatically smaller making the appearance more aged.

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The Best Replacement Teeth for Preventing Bone Loss

Hundreds of millions of people throughout the world experience tooth loss as a result of gum disease. In the United States alone, about 40 million people have no teeth. This problem can cause serious barriers to a person’s normal, everyday functioning. Without teeth, eating, speaking, and even the normal shape of your face are affected. In the past, few solutions were cost-effective enough. Additionally, there was a lack of technology allowing dentists to place replacement teeth effectively, so there was little a person could do if they suffered from teeth loss.


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Today, there are a handful of solutions. But the best for preventing bone loss is, by far, Hybrid Prosthesis. It’s a brand new procedure, and we’re proud to offer it to our patients with the help of Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery. Nobel Biocare, a dental supply company, recently developed this technology to provide a more precise, cost-effective, and long-lasting option for those in need of replacement teeth. It utilizes a computer-guided implant surgery which allows the dentist and surgeon to prepare the final implants before the patient undergoes surgery.


As a result, patients walk away with little postoperative discomfort and a brand new set of permanent teeth. In most cases, patients can resume regular routines the day after the procedure. Because the prosthesis is implanted to your jawbone, it prevents bone loss. As a result, your jaw helps maintain your face’s shape over time, unlike other methods of teeth replacement.



Here’s a testimonial from a patient who underwent Hybrid Prosthesis:



The Process of Hybrid Prosthesis

If you elect to have Hybrid Prosthesis, the process will be relatively simple, as follows:


1. Attend a Free Consultation
At the consultation, you’ll discuss your treatment plan with Dr. Brad Alderman and Dr. Rallis. They’ll work through a customized plan for your particular needs and give you the total cost of the procedure.

2. Full Exam
Upon deciding to undergo Hybrid Prosthesis, you’ll once again meet with the dentists, and they’ll finalize your treatment plan. Then, they’ll prepare all the things they need for you to receive the treatment, and schedule the procedure.

3. Receive Dental Implants
Next, you’ll surgically undergo treatment to receive your dental implants. Your implants will hold a temporary set of teeth. These teeth will look and feel just like real teeth. You’ll wear them only temporarily while a dental lab creates your truly permanent new teeth.


4. Post-Procedure Check-Up
There is a short recovery period following the actual procedure. While your implants heal, you’ll have to eat soft food and come back in to ensure proper healing. But don’t worry: soon you’ll be able to eat anything you want without dismay!

5. Receive Permanent Teeth
Finally, after your mouth is finished healing, you’ll receive your new, permanent teeth which will last you a lifetime. You’ll be able to say goodbye to no teeth or removable teeth, and you’ll take care of them by brushing every day. Congratulations!


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Benefits of Hybrid Prosthesis

Most people get dentures after losing their teeth. However, we believe that the benefits of Hybrid Prosthesis outweigh those of any other replacement teeth option.


1. Beautiful, Natural Teeth
With Hybrid Prosthesis, you can have beautiful and natural-looking teeth in one day. Even your temporary set of teeth will appear natural and beautiful, and you can be assured that they’ll be a great replacement teeth alternative.

2. Fast & Effective
This procedure delivers the most effective results out of all dental implant options. As far as the implant part goes, this happens in a single appointment!


2. Optimal Safety and Comfort
The procedure of Hybrid Prosthesis uses gentle oral sedation, which ensures your comfort and safety.

4. More Cost-Efficient
Overall, Hybrid Prosthesis is more cost-efficient than single multiple implants.


5. Maintains Bone Structure
Hybrid Prosthesis helps to maintain bone structure, unlike other types of teeth replacements.

Among these benefits, this procedure will help you look and feel happier. Ultimately, it’s a more healthy option than dentures, and it even gives you back the opportunity to have a full mouth of natural teeth.



Alternative Methods of Replacement Teeth

We know that Hybrid Prosthesis isn’t for everyone. Those who can’t afford Hybrid Prosthesis will probably be looking at cosmetic dentures as the best option.

Cosmetic Dentures

Usually, a complete cosmetic denture will cost about $2500. The price can vary depending on a handful of factors, ranging anywhere from $300-$25,000. In general, you can assume that the price will reflect the quality of the denture. For instance, a $300 denture is much more likely to break than a $2500 denture.


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Cosmetic dentures are fabricated over the course of several appointments. Unlike Hybrid Prosthesis, it isn’t a dental implant. This means that it needs to be removed for cleaning each night, and must be kept out of the patient’s mouth until the morning.


Our cosmetic dentures are made up of a high-quality acrylic nano-hybrid. This material is chip-resistant and tends to last longer than dentures made of other materials. Not only is each pair of dentures made custom, but the colors of the different denture parts are also custom. We’re able to match almost any tooth and gum shade with our cosmetic dentures.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Replacement

Who should get Hybrid Prosthesis?

Those who have or are about to lose all their teeth make great candidates for Hybrid Prosthesis. Additionally, current denture wearers make great candidates for this procedure


Other dentists told me I’m not a candidate for a dental implant. Am I a candidate for Hybrid Prosthesis?

9 out of 10 people who are not candidates for traditional dental implants are able to receive Hybrid Prosthesis. This is because other implant procedures use bone grafting or sinus augmentations. Hybrid Prosthesis uses neither. So yes, it’s very likely you are a candidate!

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Is Hybrid Prosthesis painful?

During Hybrid Prosthesis, you’ll be under sedation and will be given anti-inflammatory medication. This surgery is also the least invasive dental implant procedure in modern dentistry. Certainly, you can expect some discomfort after the surgery, but it should go away in a matter of days.


Check out the “What is a Cosmetic Denture?” video.


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