How to choose a dental discount plan or low-cost dental plan to benefit your overall health. Affordable Dental Care is closer than you think!

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Medical doctors agree: Overall health depends upon dental health. Visiting the dentist regularly and keeping up with oral hygiene are essential factors for your overall health and well being. Unfortunately, according to Gallup research, many Americans skip dental visits because they can not find affordable dental care for the following reasons: 42% of Americans do not have dental insurance. 25% of people with employer-provided insurance do not receive dental benefits. Only 16 states provide dental benefits through Medicaid for patients […]

Solutions For A Gap Between Teeth: How to Fix It. Can’t find the answer here? Visit a Nebraska Family Dentistry Lincoln Dental Clinic Location.

Nobody likes having a gap between teeth. The reality is that some people have no choice but to live with it simply because they can not find affordable dental care. Sometimes those who were born with a gap between teeth can find it very difficult to accept his or her smile. While many people are okay with the gap, there are also just as many people who are looking for a permanent fix. A gap between teeth can make an […]

Dental Bridge vs Dental Implant

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Dental Bridge vs Dental Implant, Which one is a better option? This can be a tough decision, a dental bridge vs dental implant. Here are a few general guidelines we follow that may help you decide. If the adjacent teeth around a missing space are already cracked or decayed and require crowns, a bridge is a more practical option. However, a dental implant is almost always the best and most conservative option for tooth replacement because teeth adjacent to the […]