Solutions For A Gap Between Teeth: How to Fix It. Can’t find the answer here? Visit a Nebraska Family Dentistry Lincoln Dental Clinic Location.

Nobody likes having a gap between teeth. The reality is that some people have no choice but to live with it simply because they can not find affordable dental care. Sometimes those who were born with a gap between teeth can find it very difficult to accept his or her smile. While many people are okay with the gap, there are also just as many people who are looking for a permanent fix. A gap between teeth can make an […]

Dental Bridge vs Dental Implant

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Dental Bridge vs Dental Implant, Which one is a better option? This can be a tough decision, a dental bridge vs dental implant. Here are a few general guidelines we follow that may help you decide. If the adjacent teeth around a missing space are already cracked or decayed and require crowns, a bridge is a more practical option. However, a dental implant is almost always the best and most conservative option for tooth replacement because teeth adjacent to the […]

BPA Free Dental Fillings: Your Biological dentist in Lincoln, NE explains

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Tooth decay can be silent and most definitely has a way of sneaking up on us and our teeth. If you have experienced tooth decay (cavity,) it was probably recommended that you get a filling. This filling that is placed prevents the decay from becoming worse. If you are asking yourself if you can have a safer dental filling placed, the answer is, yes! You can get a safer dental filling. Composite, BPA free dental fillings not only look good, […]