Are Root Canals Safe for Overall Health?

are root canals safe for overall health Lincoln NE

As a root canal dentist in Lincoln,  I am often asked: ” Is it possible to have a safe root canal for overall health?” In this blog, I will explain when you can have a safe root canal and when a root canal treatment is not the best option. I the cavity reaches the nerve space a safe root canal is an option to save the tooth. Once in a while, a tooth may end up dying without a sign […]

Sedation Dentistry Solutions

Do you have dental anxiety? One of our top rated dentists in Lincoln has solutions. Dr. Kathryn Alderman is one of our top rated dentists in Lincoln, NE and has been treating patients with high anxiety for many years in the area. Her goal as a one of our top rated dentists in Lincoln, NE is helping patients overcome their fears and have positive experiences while in her care. “In my experience, many patients avoid coming to the dentist for […]

Highly Rated Lincoln Dentist on Gag Reflex

Dr. Brad Alderman Dr. Brad Alderman is a highly rated Lincoln, NE dentist and has been serving the community for 14 years. Over the years, Dr. Brad has treated patients of all ages and in all stages of dental health. Dr. Brad has a lot of experience treating patients with strong gag reflexes. He knows that this can cause a lot of anxiety about dental treatment for patients. Patients are worried that they will not be able to tolerate dental […]