Lost Filling or Crown

Lost Filling or Crown:
Help From Our Dentists in Lincoln, NE

When a filling falls out, many people don’t even notice. Some will experience sensitivity, and others nothing at all. For a lost crown, on the other hand, it’ll likely appear much different, and may even cause you some concern at first glance. In either case, the lost filling or crown will need to be replaced right away. Don’t panic though; Preserve Family Dentistry will take good care of you. Call us at 402-413-7000 to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Lincoln, NE.

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The truth is, a lost filling or crown is often caused by the growth of tooth decay beneath. When a tooth becomes decayed underneath the filling or crown, it often loosens the restorative measure, causing it to fall out. This can be costly because the cavity is no longer covered, leaving the tooth exposed to further decay. Many times, those who have a lost filling or crown will do nothing, and the decay will turn into an infection.

In our article we’ll answer a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding a lost filling or crown including:

Is losing a filling an emergency?

How long can you go without a filling?

How urgent is a lost filling?

Contact a dentist near me in Lincoln, NE immediately if you have a lost filling or crown. You can also set up an appointment with one of our locations at any time. If you didn’t lose a crown or filling, but are still have pain, we can help. Learn more about dental pain and ways to help a toothache.

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What You Should Do for a Lost Filling or Crown

  1. Call our East Lincoln dental office at 402-413-7000 and set up an appointment OR call our emergency line at 402-840-9783 if it’s not during business hours.
  2. Gently rinse and the area with warm water and a toothbrush. This will clean the area as you prepare for your appointment.
  3. If it’s a crown that you’ve lost, try to clean it well and keep it safe. It may be possible for us to re-cement it back to your tooth, depending on the tooth’s condition.
  4. Some pharmacies carry temporary dental cement. You can use this to place the crown back on temporarily. Sometimes you can use toothpaste instead. Be sure not to use glue or any other non-dental material to reapply the crown.
  5. For a lost filling, you can use clove oil on the tooth to relieve sensitivity. Be sure not to get the oil on your gums.

Is losing a filling an emergency?
Even though dental work such as fillings and crowns are meant to be permanent, they can, on occasion, break or fall out under certain conditions. Losing them is not likely an emergency, but you should consider seeing your dentist in Lincoln, NE as soon as possible. Learn more here about a lost filling.

If pain is present, of course, call your emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE right away.

How long can you go without a filling?
Although losing a filling might seem like an emergency, you can go a few days or up to one week without a filling. And, yes, you can still eat if a filling has been lost.

It is important to rinse with water to remove any impacted food in the area. If pain is present, do be sure to schedule an emergency dental visit with your local dentist to check the area.

How urgent is a lost filling?
If a filling comes out while eating, a hard “crunch” may be felt when biting on the filling material. The tooth may seem chipped or have a hole in it and may be most noticeable when when touching the tongue.

While a lost filling is not an emergency, you should have it checked out as soon as possible. Of course, if you are experiencing pain, be sure to call your emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE and have them take a look.
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What Preserve Family Dentistry Will Do for a Lost Filling or Crown

Lost Filling

If you have lost a filling, our emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE will evaluate the condition of the tooth. This will tell them what caused the filling to fall out. If they’re able to, they’ll try to place a new filling in the tooth. Otherwise, they’ll go over what other options you may have.

If there’s a buildup of decay, it’s likely that this was what caused your filling to fall out. Our Lincoln dentist will remove any decay or infection that has built up first. Then they’ll attempt to replace the filling. If they aren’t able to or the buildup is too significant, it’s possible the dentist may need to perform root canal therapy on the tooth instead.

Lost Crown

After you’ve temporarily fixed your crown, a visit to a “dentist near me in Lincoln, NE” will be in order. Your Lincoln dentist will remove the temporarily-replaced crown if you’ve put it back. Then, they’ll examine the tooth to see if it has been severely damaged, decayed, or otherwise. They’ll clean and sterilize the tooth to eliminate any remaining bacteria. Finally, they’ll cement the crown back on, and you’ll be good to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions About a Lost Filling or Crown

I can’t seem to find my lost filling or crown. Could I have swallowed it?

If you haven’t seen your lost filling or crown since losing it, it is possible that you’ve swallowed it. No need to panic if you did swallow it. Your dentist in Lincoln, NE will hopefully be able to fabricate a new one and replace it when you visit them. Ask us about our metal-free crowns, we’re here to help. Learn more about our emergency dentists in Lincoln, NE.

My previous filling was made of metal. Can I get a tooth-colored filling instead?

If your Lincoln dentist can replace your filling, they should be able to put in a tooth-colored filling (composite filling) instead. Your old metal filling (also known as an amalgam filling) contained trace amounts of mercury and would be better off replaced with a white dental filling anyway. However, it will depend upon whether they can remove enough of the decay left behind or if your tooth is salvageable.

Should I have amalgam fillings replaced with metal-free fillings if they haven’t fallen out?

It’s up to each individual to decide if replacing fillings is for them. Metal fillings have been linked to many mercury-caused diseases, and we are glad to replace any of these fillings if it’s right for you.

How much will it cost to replace a lost filling or crown?

The cost of a filling or crown replacement can vary widely. It will depend on the condition of your tooth, as well as a handful of other factors. Our “Lincoln dentist near me” offers a variety of payment and financing options to give you access to affordable dental care.

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