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Dr. Anton Diy

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Dr. Anton Diy is a compassionate and gentle family dentist in Lincoln, NE who can be found at Preserve Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE. A native of Southern California, Dr. Anton, your Lincoln dentist, attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Philosophy. Before enrolling in dental school, Dr. Anton spent approximately two years in his home town of Los Angeles, managing a consulting company in the aerospace industry. After his time in management, Dr. Anton then attended Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha and graduated with his DDS degree in 2014. By combining his passion for helping people with dentistry, Dr. Anton felt it would provide him an excellent opportunity to do what he loves. In addition, Dr. Anton loves that his career choice still allows him to spend quality time with his family. When asked, Dr. Anton indicated he likes a variety of dental procedures but said endodontics and prosthodontics are two of the areas he enjoys most.

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Dr. Anton’s hobbies include traveling, soccer (and almost all other sports), as well as exercise.  He also enjoys cooking, EDM (electronic dance music), and spending time with family and friends. Dr. Anton has a wonderful, supportive, and hard-working wife, Alicia, of five years who is an OB-GYN. Together, they have a playful, energetic, and curious son, Oliver, who is almost three years old.

Dr. Anton, your dentist near me in Lincoln, NE, would love to see you in his chair and would be honored to provide your dental care. He strives to make sure every patient receives an excellent understanding of their oral health and available treatment options. Beyond that, Dr. Anton wants each patient to feel valued and respected. Your comfort is his top priority. He will make sure to always check your comfort level throughout treatment and does his best to provide effective distraction, compassion, and gentle touch during the administration of a local anesthetic.

What can Dr. Anton Diy do for you?

Dr. Anton provides quality, compassionate dental care for the whole family, and his skills allow him to promote overall wellness, too. Dr. Anton feels that by educating patients and helping them maintain good oral health, a person can better enrich their body and improve their life. He also thinks that putting down your electronic devices for a few hours a week, spending time outside, and increasing your heart rate are great anti-aging tips. What else might help you look younger? Brushing and flossing as you should, along with visiting your favorite NE Family Dentistry dentist in Lincoln, NE for bi-annual checkups, can make for a great smile!

Dr. Anton has so much to offer. Whether you are new to town or are looking to switch dentists, Dr. Anton Diy offers family dentistry in Lincoln, NE and so much more. He is an excellent choice! A great personality and a genuine passion for dentistry and helping people are sure to benefit your smile. Dr. Anton, your dentist near me in East Lincoln, NE and his team would be honored to provide you or the whole crew with superior dental care. Call today or schedule online to see this dentist in Lincoln, NE!

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