Dislodged or Knocked Out Tooth

If you’ve experienced a knocked out tooth, you should call us right away. A knocked out tooth needs to be replaced within about 30 minutes, or it may not be able to be replaced at all.

When a tooth becomes dislodged, the tissues holding it in place will often become damaged. These tissues can often still support the tooth, although only if your dentist replaces it within a certain amount of time. If the dentist can place the tooth back in the socket rapidly, then your mouth will likely take the tooth again. But if it takes too long, it may not be reparable.

If your tooth has been knocked out after business hours, you can call our emergency line at 402-840-9783. After calling, read on to see what you should do.

Steps You Should Take for a Knocked Out Tooth:

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  1. Call our office or our emergency dentist at 402-840-9783.
  2. Be careful not to touch the tooth’s root when you pick it up. Pick it up by the crown (biting surface) and use warm water to rinse the tooth softly.
  3. If possible, gently put the tooth back in its socket or in your cheek to keep it moist. Otherwise, fill a cup or zip-lock bag with saliva or milk, and store the tooth in it. If the tooth becomes too dry, the dentist will not be able to replace it.
  4. Hold a cold compress to your cheek to keep the swelling down.
  5. Lastly, get to our office quickly and safely. The sooner we see you, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to replace the tooth.

At our office, we’ll try to put the tooth back into its socket to help it reattach. If it’s simply loose, it may be possible for us to stabilize the tooth while the tissues reattach. If the tissues and tooth are too damaged, we can talk about replacement options for the knocked out tooth.

3 Options for a Tooth Replacement

Choosing the correct treatment is crucial. Currently, we can offer three great tooth replacement options. When we meet, we can evaluate which option would be ideal for you, depending upon your needs.

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Dental implants are carefully fabricated to look like real teeth. Dental labs create them out of metal which fuses with a person’s jawbone. Dentists then mount the replacement tooth upon the implant, which allows it to blend in perfectly with your other teeth. Learn more about implants from our partners at Nebraska Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Fixed partial dentures (also known as fixed bridges) are another type of replacement tooth. Fixed bridges cover the space created by lost teeth. Dentists bond or cement fixed partial dentures onto teeth surrounding the gap. Because of this, only dentists can remove fixed partial dentures.

Removable partial dentures (or a removable bridge) are another tooth replacement option out there. Unlike fixed partial dentures or dental implants, patients must remove them for cleaning. While they cost less in most cases, fixed partial dentures and dental implants are usually a more stable and comfortable option. However, each person requires something different depending on their specific needs and desires.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Knocked Out Tooth

We don’t see patients with a knocked out tooth all that often, but when we do they usually ask some or all of the following questions.

Do I need to see an endodontist for a knocked out tooth?

You can, but you don’t need to. Many people think that an endodontist deals with a knocked out tooth, but that isn’t the case. An endodontist is someone who is a master at performing root canals.

If my tooth is knocked loose, will it go back to normal?

A tooth that has been knocked loose still needs to be treated by a dentist. While it isn’t quite as severe, it likely won’t go back to normal unless you have it dealt with by a dental professional.

What should I do if my child’s adult tooth has been knocked out?

The same instructions listed above will apply to children. A child with a knocked out adult tooth will still need to see a dentist right away.

How much does it cost to fix a knocked out tooth?

Like with any dental treatment, the cost of a knocked out tooth can vary. The cost will depend on many factors, including whether or not the dentist can replace the tooth. If cost is a concern for you, we still recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as possible. We’re glad to help you work out the finances afterward.

Check out the “Is it better to have a dental bridge versus implant” video.

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