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Looking for a Dentist in Lincoln? Welcome Home.

If you’re looking for a new dentist in Lincoln, you’ve come to the right place. Preserve Family Dentistry is home to anxious patientsfamilies, and many other kinds of people. There’s no need to feel afraid or embarrassed when you’re with us. Even if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, we’ll treat you like family.

To all our new patients: Thanks for being with us, and welcome to your new dental home. To book an appointment with our dentist in Lincoln, NE, call us at 402-413-7000 or click here.

Check out the “What is Nebraska Family Dentistry?” video.

Our Services

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE and their team are more than your average dental office. We’re committed to restoring your teeth and gums to full health and building a relationship with you. Our dentists are preventative in practice, and education-minded. As a result, we’ll work hard to stop any dental issues in their tracks. Ultimately, this costs less time and money for our patients.

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Our dentists near me in Lincoln, NE have performed thousands of procedures over the years. Some of the most common are root canals, placing bridges and metal-free dental crowns, fillings, and all kinds of cosmetic care. Each of our offices (not just Preserve) is built to be comfortable and convenient. Our dentist in Lincoln, NE and their team are excellent at creating the perfect experience for our patients, and we expect you to hold us to that!

We’re also a proud part of the Nebraska Family Dentistry group, the standard for dental care. Nebraska Family Dentistry locations are scattered throughout Lincoln. Check out our sister dental offices in Lincoln: CoddingtonSouthpointe, and Lincoln Family Dentistry. If they’re closer to your home than Preserve, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the same great care.

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Finding a Gentle, Helpful Dentist in Lincoln

It can obviously be difficult to choose the right dental office. Every dentist in Lincoln claims to be at the top. So what sets Preserve Family Dentistry apart from the rest?

Customer Experience
At Preserve, we work hard to create the perfect dental experience for each patient. We want to ensure your safety, comfort and good health. Many of our patients who used to be afraid of the dentist (dental anxiety/dental phobia) have since grown to love our office and our team. Gentle, family dentistry in Lincoln, NE can be relaxing.

Our dental procedures are minimally-invasive and optimally efficient. We use excellent anesthetic and sedation dentistry techniques. In this way, we offer our patients a gentle, carefree treatment experience.

Our many Nebraska Family Dentistry locations are convenient. You’ll never need to spend time asking, “Why isn’t there a good dentist near me?” Instead, one of our locations is sure to be near you. If that isn’t convenient, then surely our extended weeknight and weekend hours are. Our emergency dental services and dentist in Lincoln, NE are available to you all the time so that we can take care of you as soon as possible.

High-Tech Tools
Like many technology fields, dental technology is a swiftly-moving field. It can be difficult for many dentists to keep up with the ever-changing tools and resources. Fortunately, Dr. Kathryn Alderman with Preserve has valued modern technology in the dental field since the beginning. We’ll always perform your treatments with state of the art tools in our office.

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For Anxious Patients Who Need a Dentist in Lincoln

If you’re anxious about having dental work done, you aren’t alone. Many people struggle with dental anxiety or dental phobia. For that reason, we’ve worked hard to make Preserve a home to anxious and calm patients alike. Our sedation dentistry options are useful in helping people overcome their fears. And if sedation dentistry isn’t for you, we also offer many other options to help you feel calm and comfortable. Contact our dentist in Lincoln, NE today at 402-413-7000 to learn more about how we help anxious patients!

New Patient Tips

Since you’re new to our practice, it’ll be good for you to see us a little earlier than normal. If you do this, you’ll be able to fill out any paperwork before your appointment. Then, you won’t need to do paperwork for at least a little while.

At your first appointment, we’ll take x-rays and perform a dental exam. Then we’ll schedule another appointment for any problems we discover. We love helping our patients find their smiles again. Welcome to the Preserve family!

Preserve Family Dentistry, Designed with You in Mind

We have designed  Preserve Family Dentistry with your comfort and convenience in mind. We want you to feel calm and relaxed in our care so we offer amenities to make your visit to the dentist more pleasurable. We also know that your time is valuable and you need a dental practice that will work with your schedule, so we offer scheduling options that work with even our busiest patients’ schedules. Preserve Family Dentistry’s friendly team strives to make each visit as comfortable as possible.

Guarantees For your busy life

Our Guarantees to You

Our Goal is to create a WOW dental experience for our patients at every visit.

In order to provide an exceptional experience, our Lincoln dentists make the following guarantees to you:

Guarantee #1:

YOUR comfort is our top priority!We guarantee to do everything possible to make your visits comfortable and minimize any discomfort. We have designed our offices with your comfort and convenience in mind. We want you to feel calm and relaxed while in our care.

Guarantee #2

YOU being seen on time. We know that your time is valuable and we respect your time. If you wait more than 15 minutes beyond your appointment time to see your dentist in Lincoln, NE before being seated in the treatment area, we will treat you to FREE professional whitening! Our promise to you is that we will see you on time and not keep you for appointments any longer than necessary.

Guarantee #3

Exceptional customer service, YOU come first! We strive to provide exceptional customer service to you! We have trained our teams to provide great customer service during every interaction with you. We take patient feedback very seriously and are constantly improving to be an EXCELLENT PATIENT-ORIENTED DENTAL PRACTICE in Lincoln, NE. 

Contact our dentist in Lincoln, NE today – We can’t wait to meet you!

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