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If finances are tight, chances are a dentist in Lincoln, NE isn’t even on your radar. Many dentists are not very compassionate towards this situation. However, we know how tough it can be to care about oral health when your wallet is wrapped up elsewhere. So, instead of complaining, we wanted to do something about it. Through our dental discount plans, convenient payment options, and other unique surprises, we’ve made good oral health accessible to everyone with a dentist in Lincoln, NE. Our team believes that all of these things combined can offer you great dental coverage.

While dental insurance is great, not everyone has the option of employer provided dental insurance. For that reason, dental discount plans are a great way to get the care you need without the limitations of traditional dental insurance such as filling downgrades, waiting periods, yearly maximums, deductibles, and more.

If you’re wanting to learn more about how you can save, keep reading. In our article we’ll answer the following commonly asked questions:

How do I find a dentist with payment plans near me?

How do I find the best dental discount plans near me?

How do I find dental clinics with payment plans in Lincoln, NE?

Can I get a cash discount at a dentist near me?

Are there new patient specials at a dentist near me in Lincoln, NE?

Do you have dental insurance? Are you curious about specific dental insurance providers? Maybe you’re new to town or are looking to switch dentists and have questions as to whether or not there is a dental clinic in Lincoln, NE that accepts my insurance?

That’s a common question and it makes perfect sense to look for an in-network provider. But, because every dental clinic is different, and has their own dental plans with which they participate, it can sometimes prove tricky to find a dental provider in a certain area of town that accepts your dental insurance.

The good news is the team at Nebraska Family Dentistry, Preserve Family Dentistry, participates with many major dental insurance providers such as BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, Delta Dental, and Cigna just to name a few.

So, if you’re your looking for a “dentist near me in Lincoln, NE” or an “East Lincoln dental clinic” that accepts my insurance, our team likely has you covered.

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Dental Insurance: The Options

Many have trouble finding a dentist in Lincoln, NE because their insurance isn’t accepted. Fortunately, we accept many major insurance companies that other dental clinics in Lincoln, NE do not. Below are the most common insurance companies we submit claims to.

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When you see a dentist in Lincoln, NE at Preserve Family Dentistry, we’re also glad to submit your claims for you. When you have an appointment with us, we’ll give your insurance company a call and get an estimate for your treatment. However, it’s essential that you have accurate information regarding your insurance plan.

Insurance companies will often provide incomplete information, which will make your estimate inaccurate. Be sure to call them on your own to become familiar with the limitations of your plan.

Unfortunately, dental insurance isn’t the same as health insurance. Dental insurance rarely ever covers all of your necessary treatment. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with what your specific plan does or doesn’t cover. And when you’re ready, this will make finding and seeing a dentist in Lincoln, NE much easier.

Our East Lincoln dental clinic, Preserve Family Dentistry, accepts most major dental insurance plans. Don’s see your insurance listed below? Contact us to learn more.

Is there a dentist near me in Lincoln, NE that accepts BlueCross BlueShield?

Is there a Lincoln, NE dentist that accepts Aetna?

Is there a dental clinic near me in Lincoln, NE that accepts Delta Dental?

Is there a dentist near me in Lincoln, NE that accepts Cigna?

Is there a Lincoln, NE dentist near me that takes Ameritas insurance?

Is there a dental provider near me in Lincoln, NE that accepts MetLife?

Is there a Lincoln, NE dentist that accepts United Concordia Dental?

Is there a dentist near me in Lincoln, NE that accepts Guardian dental insurance?

The excellent news is that all seven Nebraska Family Dentistry locations accept a good number of dental insurance plans, including the providers listed above. Not sure about your plan details? Our team will call your dental insurance provider and obtain benefit information on your behalf. This will give both yourself and our dental office an idea of what is and isn’t covered.

The Downside to Dental Insurance

While dental insurance can be a great thing, it’s not perfect either. In fact, dental insurance isn’t always going to give you a great deal on dental care. Out-of-pocket expenses are a necessary factor, and many fees aren’t covered at all by insurance. The percentage you pay for your treatments will vary depending on your specific plan. Most insurance plans pay about 50% of total treatments. It obviously depends significantly on the kind of treatment. Our estimates will usually give you an idea of what you’ll owe. But it’s important to remember: an estimate from our dentist in Lincoln, NE is only as accurate as the information provided by your insurance provider. Although we do our best to provide accurate numbers, it is entirely possible for an estimate to be incorrect as we figure our numbers based upon the information we are provided.

Be sure not to base your oral health on what your insurance will cover. This is a dangerous trap that can ultimately lead to more extensive and costly dental treatment in the future. For that reason, we want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your insurance plan. Our team members are glad to try to help with insurance questions. However, a proven solution by far, is to do your homework. Call your insurance company, and ask all the questions you can think of.

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Important Things to Consider with Dental Plans


Each year, there is a certain dollar amount that your insurance company will be willing to pay for treatment. This is called the annual maximum. Sometimes your treatment costs will go beyond the annual maximum. Other times, it may not even come close. If you want to get the most out of your dental coverage, know your annual maximum and use as much of it as you possibly can. Then the money you or your employer pays each month for dental insurance won’t go to waste.


Patients all have unique and specific needs. You may need a specific treatment multiple times in a given year. Insurance plans often specify a certain amount of these treatments per year as covered. For example, you may need scaling and root planing 4 times each year. However, it’s likely that your insurance plan will have a clause like, “Coverage for scaling and root planing twice each year.” That means they’ll pay for two sessions of this treatment, and you’ll have to pay the other two out of pocket.

Least Expensive Alternative Treatments

Some dental insurance plans have a least expensive alternative treatment (LEAT). In many cases with dental care, you’ll be offered more than one treatment option. Each treatment option will have its own costs, benefits, drawbacks, and lifespans. Certain treatments may last longer and be the “right option,” but if they cost more, your insurance company may not cover them. Instead, they’ll pay whatever the cheapest option for treatment is, and no more.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Dental plans don’t usually cover any pre-existing conditions. You won’t gain any benefits from something that was already wrong before you started your insurance plan. While you’ll still need treatment for that condition, your insurance company will likely pass the cost off to you. Again, ask your insurance company about each of these conditions for your insurance plan. This will allow you to manage your insurance effectively. Further, you’ll be able to get them to pay for as much treatment as possible, so you won’t be throwing money away. And if you’re unconvinced by the façade of dental insurance, read on to learn more about payment plans, dental discount plans, and other helpful tips.

Dental Discount Plans at Lincoln Dental Clinics: The Basics

For many without insurance, dental discount plans are an excellent way to pay for treatments. Dental discount plans usually have one big, yearly fee. This fee will help cover a variety of treatments and routine appointments to varying degrees. They typically include a handful of free offers alongside their discounted treatments. They will sometimes also negate any copays and other fees. Should you have more questions, contact a dentist in Lincoln, NE at Preserve Family Dentistry or enroll online and start saving today with Lincoln Dental Plans. Learn more about finding a great dental discount plan in Lincoln, NE.

Commonly asked questions regarding dental discount plans:

How do I find a dentist with payment plans near me?
The internet can be a great resource when it comes to finding the right dental provider. Use Google and search for “dentist with payment plans near me” or ask around. If you have dental insurance through your employer, ask co-workers who they might recommend. Chances are that if you have an employer who offers dental insurance and others in the company are using the same benefits, they’ll likely be able to recommend a dental provider who is in-network, or accepts your insurance. Do remember, however, that you are in control. The bottom line is that you should not let insurance dictate who you see. If you have a dental provider you like, continue seeing them.
How do I find the best dental discount plans near me?
While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to finding the top dental discount plans, you might be able to find the best information online. Use Google or another top search engine and look for “best dental discount plans near me” or “dental discount plans near me in Lincoln, NE”. Chances are you’ll get some good information and will likely be able to make an informed decision.
How do I find dental clinics with payment plans in Lincoln, NE?
One of the easiest ways to find a dentist that offer payment plans is through an internet search. Look for “dentist with payment plans near me in Lincoln, NE” on Google and chances are that you’ll be able to turn up a few decent results and can then narrow down providers based upon the services they offer or their location.
Can I get a cash discount at a dentist near me?
Yes, it is highly likely that you’ll be able to receive a cash discount at a dentist near you. A cash discount is often extended to patients who don’t have dental insurance when they pay with cash. What about payments with credit or debit card? Unfortunately, card payments are often excluded from cash discounts because many business incur a processing fee for card payments, which means that if everyone patient in the clinic pays with a credit or debit card, the dental provider could be paying a fair amount of cash daily in fees. Cold, hard cash or check is likely going to be your best bet if you wish to score a discount.
Are there new patient specials at a dentist near me in Lincoln, NE?
While not every dental clinic offers new patient specials, there are several that do. With certainty, we can say that all seven Nebraska Family Dentistry locations, including Preserve Family Dentistry, offer new patient specials. We feel that new patient specials are a great way for new customers to try additional services at a discounted price if they so choose.

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