Teeth in One Day

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Hybrid Prosthesis

When you have teeth loss or dentures, affordable, permanent solutions may seem out of reach. But what if you could afford permanent teeth in one day?

Many people look for cheap dentures as a teeth replacement. However, cheap dentures often fall apart much more quickly. Before making any decisions, be sure that you know your options. We’re glad to help answer any questions you have about replacing teeth.

Preserve Family Dentistry has partnered with Nebraska Family Dentistry to offer you state-of-the-art procedures at an affordable rate. This includes hybrid prosthesis, otherwise called teeth in one day.

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Teeth in One Day

In hybrid prosthesis, dentists use multiple implants to replace your teeth. These implants give you the most natural-looking smile possible. What’s more is you won’t have to remove these teeth to clean them, since they’ll look and act like real teeth. The implants are anchored into your mouth to hold the entire denture on.

Nebraska Family Dentistry works in close collaboration with Nebraska Oral & Facial Surgery to offer patients an exclusive opportunity for teeth in one day. With new technology, they’re able to use specific surgical techniques and an advanced treatment planning interface to give you immediate results.

If you undergo hybrid prosthesis, our dentists will only need one day to complete the procedure. This is why they’re called teeth in one day. Once your implants are placed, you may experience some sensitivity. However, you’ll still be able to eat soft foods after the procedure and should be able to enjoy a regular diet again 1-2 days after. Typically, patients return to work only a few days after the procedure.

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Benefits of Teeth in One Day

With a hybrid prosthesis, you’ll never have to experience loose dentures. Nor will you have to use adhesive to secure your teeth. Bad breath associated with dentures is non-existent with teeth in one day since they’re like natural teeth. Along with those benefits, you’ll also never have to remove your teeth, experience loose dentures, or worry about your teeth slipping while you speak or smile. The long-term success rate of a hybrid prosthesis is impeccable.

The Procedure

For the procedure, each arch takes about two hours. You’ll be under sedation, so you won’t have to experience any of it. You’ll wake up with temporary teeth. Once you’re fully healed, you’ll be given permanent teeth that will remain for the long haul.

The Checkups

We do check up on you following the procedure. We’ll set up a few more appointments for that once your implants are placed.

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Cost of Teeth in One Day

The cost of hybrid prosthesis includes the surgery itself, temporary implants and your permanent implants. The fee is a flat rate for Nebraska Family Dentistry. During your consultation, the dentist will discuss the cost of the procedure with you. The fee decided upon in that meeting will stay the same.

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Exceptional Care

Our team’s inclusive approach saves you time and gives you an investment that is predictable and affordable. Most dental implant procedures require multiple visits, each with an additional fee, but with our team, everything is done locally in Lincoln, NE with one fixed cost.

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One Day Smile Transformation

Thanks to the hybrid prosthesis multiple implants and our all-inclusive approach, patients can leave with a fully functioning smile in one day. After the implants heal, patients return to receive their beautiful permanent teeth.

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Full Sedation

Instead of using local anesthesia, Nebraska Oral Surgery sedation professionals will use full IV sedation to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

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A Solution that can Last a Lifetime

Bridges, crowns, and dentures typically last 5-10 years. Implant Dentures are a permanent solution to missing or failing teeth.

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Implants Act like Natural Teeth

After your treatment, you’ll be able to eat your favorite foods, laugh more, and smile more. Never again will you worry about denture adhesive! Instead, you will enjoy your beautiful new smile for the rest of your life!

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Back to School Tips from your Lincoln Dentist for Children

Your child may have tons of fancy new school supplies, the latest, coolest wardrobe, and sports equipment for the upcoming school year, but do they have a healthy mouth? What about all the tools and skills they will need to maintain it? Our Lincoln Dentist for Children at Preserve Family Dentistry, shares her ideas on preparing kids for school and will help ensure that dental problems do not interfere with school performance. 

Although we aren’t technically a pediatric dental office or pediatric dentists, we still care about your little ones as much as you do and we hope you find our back to school tips useful!

Lincoln Dentist for Children

Oral health is just as important as routine immunizations and boosters

Our Lincoln Dentist for Children says: “According to the American Dental Association, an examination for oral health performed by a dentist is just as important as the immunizations and booster shots children need. A dental exam and cleaning should be incorporated into any checklist that parents make to help them and their child(ren) prepare for the upcoming school year. Tooth decay affects more U.S. children than any other chronic or infectious disease, as noted by statistics that were posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nearly 20 percent of children, ages 2 to 19 years old, have some form of untreated tooth decay. Dental pain and or disease can lead to difficulty in many tasks, including eating, speaking, playing, and learning and countless hours of missed school.” 

Lincoln Dentist for Children PFD Doctor

Your Lincoln Dentist for Children states that a back-to-school checklist should always consist of the following:

Regular, routine dental examinations to diagnose, treat, or prevent any dental problems. Catching dental problems early on can save your child from pain and missed school, and in turn, it can save parents money. Parents and teachers often may not realize there’s a dental problem, so regular checkups are critical. Your Lincoln Dentist for Children who offers children’s dentistry, may suggest fluoride treatments or sealants that can help prevent decay. Routine brushing with fluoride toothpaste, along with flossing, can help to prevent further decay. If your child has bad breath, read more here.

Don’t forget toothbrushes!

Make life easy, and while you are out shopping for school, be sure to head for the dental care aisle either before or after getting those awesome new notebooks, binders, and pencils. Furthermore, if parents buy several toothbrushes, it’s much easier and more convenient to have their child change to a new toothbrush roughly every three months. It is also important to remember to switch your child’s toothbrushes after being ill. If remembering when to change toothbrushes becomes a daunting task, replace it every time your child’s report card comes out. Also, your Lincoln Dentist for Children will gladly give you recommendations on timelines for changing your child’s toothbrush if you prefer to have his/her input.

What about school lunches?

Eat healthy lunches and snacks. Be sure to include portable, healthy lunch items and snacks in your child’s sack lunch. Subsequently, those items can consist of grains, milk, cheese, raw vegetables, yogurt, or even fruit. If your child eats breakfast or lunch in the school cafeteria, review healthy, balanced food choices with him or her before the first day of school. Another great tip is to cut back on soft drinks and sugary foods. Read more about the importance of healthy lunches here.

And sports?

Wearing a properly fitted mouthguard while participating in PE classes, organized sports, or even playground activities can prove to be very beneficial. Your Lincoln Dentist for Children can make custom, affordable mouthguards at any of our Nebraska Family Dentistry locations. For this reason, the price for a well fitted, a custom mouthguard is only $75. We believe in making affordable mouthguards, so everyone can have access to them! After all, we want you to be able to protect your smile.

Preventing decay and gum disease is essential for overall wellness.

Lincoln Dentist for Children Family

Did you know that kids as early as 12 years of age can show signs of gum disease?

Cavities can strike kids as soon as their first tooth comes in, affecting their immune system and overall well-being. Children who develop plaque quickly or have braces, however, might benefit from cleanings every 3-4 months. Consequently, frequent cleanings will help prevent gum disease and aid in the fight against developing cavities.  

Braces and orthodontic treatment will help correct crowding and prevent dental disease. In fact, some kids can benefit from Invisalign (clear braces), and summer is a great time to start treatment. Without a doubt, the option of “invisible braces” is popular with teenagers and has many benefits over wearing traditional metal braces.

Top 10 reasons to see your dentist

Safe Dental Visits at our Dental Clinics with High Infection Control Standards 

dental office infection control

What do our offices do to ensure your safety? Our Lincoln Dentist for Children explains.

At Nebraska Family Dentistry, we know that each parent trusts us to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for their child(ren). Part of our responsibility to each of you is to provide the highest infection control standards. With high standards, we can ensure your child’s safety and health. 

We follow every infection control recommendation from these authoritative sources:

✅ CDC Guidelines 

✅ OSHA Guidelines

✅ ADA Guidelines

✅ NE Board of Dentistry Guidelines

✅ Clean Air Project

✅ High Infection Control Standards 

We welcome the entire family to our practice and would love the opportunity to teach your child about great oral care. After all, excellent oral care leads to a healthy smile. There is nothing better than a healthy, confident smile! Call one of our dental clinics near you or visit us online at

Dr Lauren provider - Lincoln Dentist for Children
Dr. Lauren Albin

This article was written by our gentle family dentist, Dr. Lauren Albin.

This gentle family dentist sees kids of all ages, as well as their parents.


How to choose a dental discount plan or low-cost dental plan

NFD banner on How to choose a Dental Discount Plan for your overall health. Make sur if you don't have insurance that a dental discount plan is part of your budget.

Medical doctors agree: Overall health depends upon dental health. Visiting the dentist regularly and keeping up with oral hygiene are essential factors for your overall health and well being. Unfortunately, according to Gallup research, many Americans skip dental visits because they can not find affordable dental care for the following reasons:

Low-Cost Dental Plan at Preserve Family Dentistry in Lincoln , NE for affordable dental care and a great dental discount plan.
  • 42% of Americans do not have dental insurance.
  • 25% of people with employer-provided insurance do not receive dental benefits.
  • Only 16 states provide dental benefits through Medicaid for patients looking for a low-income dentist or a low-cost dentist.

Most Obamacare subscribers do not sign up for a separate dental plan, which leads to 41% of the population ending up in Mexico, looking for a cheap dentist or a low-cost dentist.

As a result of those statistics, over 33% of Americans do not use dentists, and patients that live in poverty are more likely to skip dental visits altogether. In the end, they end up having major dental problems and overall health concerns generally related to dental infections. What about a dental discount plan or a low-cost dental plan, would a plan like those be able to address my dental problems?

Image of a team member explaining the coverage of a low-cost dental plan at Preserve Family Dentistry. Take advantage of affordable dental care today!

So, how can Americans find Affordable Dental Care, a Discount Dental Plan, or see low-cost dentists? Is there a good low-cost dental plan that is available?

While there is no clear cut answer for everyone on how to find affordable dental care or a low-cost dental plan, there are many dental clinics right here in Lincoln, NE who do offer dental payment plans, affordable dental care, and low dental costs, making it easy for the whole family to get excellent care.

Flossing and brushing are still proven to be the greatway to prevent dental problems. But often, in spite of keeping our pearly whites clean, dental issues can even arise and are often unavoidable due to old dental work, or dental emergencies.

In either case, you can look for cheap dental insurance or a low-cost dental discount plan, which may make getting the care you need, easier.

Image of a piggy bank and the money you will save when you find affordable dental care with a dental discount plan.

How do you find a dental discount plan, a low-cost dental plan, or an affordable dentist? I’ve looked everywhere for affordable dental care…

You can search Google for a great discount dental plan, discount dental plans for seniors, or any other dental plan in your area.

If you live in Lincoln, Nebraska, or a surrounding area, you can apply for dental coverage through Lincoln Dental Plans, which makes getting excellent dental care, easy.

The key to your health is to take care of you and be your own “health” advocate. In the long run, it’s always cheaper to prevent medical and dental problems by taking care of yourself.

Since our a door is the gateway to our body, taking care of any dental issues can prevent other significant overall health concerns. Is it time for you to see a dentist and ensure you are staying healthy?

Image of the Lincoln Dental Plans Logo-approved by the State of Nebraska. This is a great dental discount plan and a great way to receive affordable dental care.

Click here if you are looking for a Dental Discount Plan that offers Affordable Dental Care. Apply for Lincoln Dental Plans today.

Oral Health Matters

The fields of medicine and dentistry have traditionally been worlds apart.

But in light of the growing evidence to links between oral and whole-body health, this separation of disciplines is changing fast.

Having healthy gums is crucial to help maintain your overall health. Your gums should never bleed. Bleeding gums are a sign of a bacterial infection. This type of bacterial infection can increase arterial inflammation. If your gums are infected, ultimately, your entire body will suffer from the inflammation that is part of the immune response. So, unhealthy gums do increase the risk of heart attacks, auto-immune conditions, and other health concerns that you don’t want.

The Silent Enemy

Gum disease is often referred to as the ‘silent enemy’ because its symptoms are usually quite mild until the very advanced stages of progression. Gum disease is a chronic infection caused by bacteria, which begins when certain bacteria in plaque produce toxins that irritate the gums. Gum disease causes inflammation in our mouth if plaque is not removed daily.

The plaque that remains on the teeth, however, can irritate the gums, making them red, tender, and likely to bleed. This condition is called gingivitis and can be the cause of more severe types of periodontal disease. Gingivitis can, however, be reversed. Keeping gums healthy and removing plaque every day in addition to an excellent oral hygiene routine can keep gingivitis in remission.

If allowed to persist and left untreated, gingivitis can progress into something more serious called periodontitis. Periodontitis is defined as a chronic infection in the pockets the are around the teeth. The resulting inflammation, can indeed damage the attachment of the bone and gums to the teeth. At this stage, treatment by a skilled dentist is the number one option. If left untreated, gingivitis can cause teeth to become loose, fall out, or require removal by a dentist. If you don’t have dental insurance, you may want to consider a dental discount plan. By signing up for a dental discount plan or a low-cost dental plan, you will have the needed coverage to help maintain normal cleanings, hopefully helping you prevent periodontitis altogether.

When to call the emergency dentist

If you notice any of the changes below, see your dentist:

mage of Dr. Kathryn Alderman who works at Preserve Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE and offers affordable dental care as well as accepts a great dental discount plan, LDP.
  • Gums that bleed during brushing and flossing.
  • Red, swollen, or tender gums.
  • Gums that may have pulled away from the teeth
  • Persistent bad breath.
  • Pus between your teeth and gums.
  • Loose or separating teeth.
  • A noticeable change in the way your teeth fit together, especially when you bite.
  • A change in the fit of partial dentures.

How does oral health affect heart health? Will a Low-Cost Dental Plan be able to help me maintain my oral health? I’m concerned about finding affordable dental care.

Studies suggest that bacteria associated with oral inflammation due to infected gums may contribute to the development of heart disease.

When gums get infected, the body’s immune system becomes overstimulated and overreacts to the small cracks that occur in our arteries, which causes acute closure of blood vessels. When this happens in the heart, they are called heart attacks. It is essential to take care of your gums and teeth to prevent coronary artery disease.

“People with periodontal disease are twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease…”

– American Academy of Periodontology

Pregnancy Problems

For many years, we have known that risk factors such as smoking, alcohol use, and drug use do contribute to mothers having low birth weight and premature babies. Evidence is now mounting, which suggests a new risk factor — periodontal disease.

Studies do show a relationship between periodontal disease and pre-term, low-birth-weight babies. Any infection, including periodontal infection, is cause for concern during pregnancy. Pregnant women who have periodontal disease are seven times more likely to have a baby that is born too small and too early. If you are planning to become pregnant, be sure to include a periodontal evaluation as part of your prenatal care. Maybe you don’t have dental insurance and in this case, you should consider a dental discount plan or a low-cost dental plan. By adding in the cost of a dental discount plan or a low-cost dental plan to your monthly or annual budget, you can rest assured that any dental concerns will be addressed during pregnancy helping keep both baby and you, healthy. Affordable dental care is closer than you thought!

Image of a man checking his blood sugar. If you aren't receiving dental care, be sure to look for a dental discount plan to help promote your overall health.


People with diabetes are indeed more likely to have periodontal disease than people without diabetes, probably because those who have diabetes are more susceptible to contracting infections. Periodontal disease is generally considered the sixth complication of diabetes. Those who do not have their diabetes under control are at a higher risk.

It has been found that poorly controlled type 2 diabetic patients are more likely to develop periodontal disease than well-controlled diabetics.

Periodontal disease does make it more difficult for people who have diabetes to control their blood sugar. Increase blood sugar can result from severe periodontal disease can putting people with diabetes at a greater risk for diabetic complications. When periodontal infections were treated in diabetic patients, the management of their diabetes markedly improved.

Image of a happy young woman who purchased a dental discount plan and now receives affordable dental care.

Good Oral Health is easy when you have a Dental Discount Plan or a Low-Cost Dental Plan! Affordable Dental Care shouldn’t be hard to find, and luckily, it’s not.

Taking good care of your mouth, gums, and teeth is a worthy goal in and of itself. Excellent oral hygiene can help prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Also, this can help you keep your natural teeth as you begin to age.

The most important thing you can do each day is to brush and floss your teeth. There are different ways to brush correctly, and your dentist or hygienist can demonstrate the method that might be right for you.

You can follow these pieces of advice to maintain healthy gums and teeth:

Image of a bottle of mouthwash, which is something that will be recommended by a dentist when you go in for affordable dental care.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Use Listerine once a day.
  • Floss daily.
  • If you are pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant, pay attention to your teeth and gums.
  • Tell your dentist about any changes, including those about your overall health.
  • See a dentist regularly.

Inflammatory Diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Inflammation

Treating Gum Disease May Help RA. People with RA, also known as rheumatoid arthritis, are eight times more likely to have gum disease than people without this auto-immune disease. The common denominator between the two could be inflammation.

To make matters worse, people with RA can have trouble brushing and flossing because of damage to finger joints. The good news, treating existing gum inflammation, and infection, can also reduce joint discomfort and inflammation.

Image of a young woman thinking about finding affordable dental care, a dental discount plan, or even a low-cost dental plan.

Dry Mouth and Tongue Cause Tooth Decay

Of the 4 million Americans who have Sjögren’s syndrome, it is known that they are more prone to developing oral health problems, too. With Sjögren’s syndrome, the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks tear ducts and salivary glands. This can lead to a chronically dry mouth (called xerostomia) and dry eyes. Saliva helps protect teeth and gums from the bacteria that cause cavities and gingivitis. So, a continuously dry mouth is more susceptible.

Stress and Teeth Grinding

If you are anxious, stressed, or depressed, you may be at higher risk for oral health problems. People under a great deal of stress produce high levels of the hormone cortisol, which wreaks havoc on the gums and body. Stress can also lead to poor oral care; more than 50% of people don’t brush or floss regularly when stressed. Other stress-related habits include smoking, drinking alcohol, and clenching and grinding teeth (called bruxism).

Image of a logo for dental payment plans.

Make easy, affordable payments for your procedure with dental payment plans we offer.

Image of a logo so that you can schedule day or night and get affordable dental care.

Image of the Nebraska Family Dentistry logo.

Our location is a proud member of Nebraska Family Dentistry. We’re one of multiple NFD locations, some of which are even open on weeknights and weekends for your convenience.

At any of NFD locations, you can find compassionate care from professionals that strive to provide excellent dental treatment to every patient. In everything we do, comfort, satisfaction, and quality dental work are our standards.

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