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Finding a great dentures can be quite a task. As if it isn’t already difficult enough to lose your teeth, the search for great dentures can be daunting. How do you know what to look for?

In our article we’ll answer the following commonly asked questions:

What is the best dentures on the market and its cost?

Are dentures the same as false teeth?

What are the best dentures to get?

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Many people need dentures at one point or another. Most of these folks want to get the process over and done with since it can be embarrassing to have no teeth. Instead of giving the time or thought necessary to find great dentures for their particular situation, they choose whatever they can find quickly. People often ignore the quality and appearance of dentures during their search. The quality and appearance of dentures are too important for you to overlook. Since you’ll be using your dentures every day, you want to be sure that they’re going to look and feel the way you want them to. For that reason, Preserve Family Dentistry and our dentist in Lincoln, NE are committed to finding you the great dentures in a timely manner.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are a pair of removable teeth. They’re used to replace the teeth of someone who has suffered tooth loss. A full mouth is made up of two full arches, one per jaw. They can be used for one or both jaws and can be full or partial. Those with dentures must remove them for a certain amount of time each day or night, and must also clean them during removal.

Types of Dentures

There are a few different types of dentures that exist. They differ mostly based on how many teeth you’re replacing.

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Partial Dentures

For those who have only lost some of their teeth, partial dentures are the most affordable option. Removable partial dentures cover a particular part of someone’s smile to fill in the gaps.

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Full Dentures

Full dentures are used for those who have lost all of their teeth on either or both jaws. They’re great dentures for anyone who has lost all of their teeth.

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Implant-Retained Dentures

These are not technically a denture, but instead they’re held in place by dental implants. The implants fuse with the bones in the front of your jaw. These are by far the most stable and natural kind of tooth replacement. You can learn more from our dentist in Lincoln, NE about other types of replacement teeth here.

Learn more about implant-retained dentures in Lincoln, NE.

The True Cost of Cheap Dentures

Cheap dentures often seem like the perfect way to find a quick, convenient solution. And while they may be cheap financially, they’re often more costly in the long run. Additionally, cheap dentures can be costly in many other ways. When a pair of dentures doesn’t fit from the beginning, they often make a person feel worse than they did without teeth. Some dentures aren’t equipped to stand the test of daily use, and stop fitting in a matter of a few weeks. Even more, cheap dentures don’t always retain their appearance as well as higher-quality products like the ones that our dentist in Lincoln, NE offers.

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Some dental labs don’t create custom-fit dentures. Instead, they use manufacturing techniques to make cheap dentures that will probably fit. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it has the potential to be uncomfortable for anyone with dentures. These dental labs serve anyone who is willing to sacrifice quality for a quick solution. It’s also possible for these dentures to leave your mouth full of painful blisters and sores. It can hurt to eat and talk with your mouth in this state. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem associated with cheap dentures. While it may seem like a great idea during the search, it’s important to remember the long-term impact of your decision. The dentures you buy today will need to last you well into the future, and you’ll use them all day every day in the time between. This means it might be worth searching for a pair that will stand the test of time done by a dentist in Lincoln, NE at Preserve Family Dentistry.

Learn how upper dentures can cause oral thrush.

Great Dentures… For Getting Your Money’s Worth

In your continuing search for dentures, it’ll be most helpful to have a dental lab make your dentures specifically for you. A custom denture lab can make your dentures to fit your mouth precisely. These dental labs will work hard to match the dentures to your smile. They can make your denture’s teeth match the shade of your teeth, the size, and even the shape. This will cause your smile to look and feel much more natural than a pair of cheap dentures ever could. While we can’t force anybody to take our advice, we do strongly recommend spending the extra time and money to find great dentures for your needs. You deserve the confidence that comes with well-fitting, aesthetically-pleasing dentures and our dentist in Lincoln, NE can help. Learn more about affordable dentistry in Lincoln, NE.

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The Benefits of High-Quality Dentures: Learn More From Our Dentists in Lincoln, NE

While they have a few drawbacks like a longer waiting period and a bigger price tag, the benefits of high-quality dentures will significantly outweigh the disadvantages.

Longer-Lasting High-quality dentures will last much longer than cheap dentures, in almost every case. This is because inexpensive dentures aren’t constructed as carefully or with materials that are built to last.

Lower Long-Term Costs While cheap dentures seem less expensive at first, they often end up costing more in the long run because of repairs and replacements. When you buy a high-quality pair of dentures right off the bat, you’re paying extra for the materials and durability.

Higher Confidence Level Many who buy very inexpensive dentures experience more clicking, snapping, and slipping within their mouths. This often leads to embarrassing moments in public while eating and talking. When dentures move around within someone’s mouth, it can result in awkward interactions and an overall lowered sense of confidence. Buying dentures that fit well and are made custom for your mouth has a significant impact on the way that you interact with your peers, colleagues, family, and friends. Many don’t realize this until it’s too late.

Here are a few additional commonly asked questions we often hear regarding dentures:

What are the best dentures on the market and its cost?
Patients should be educated on all of the total tooth replacement options that are available to decide which option is best for them. There are pros and cons for all available options.

The best option for dentures is the cosmetic, implant-retained denture. This will keep the bone active and prevent loss of vertical dimension while providing solid chewing function and esthetics.

Are dentures the same as false teeth?
Yes, dentures are also commonly known as false teeth. In short, dentures are a fitted prosthetic and act as a “prosthesis” for missing teeth.

What are the best dentures to get?
Implant-retained dentures are the best that our Lincoln dentist offers. Why? Not only do they look natural, but they have the added stability of implants. Thus, these dentures offer a solid surface. They allow you to speak clearly without the worry of traditional dentures that often slip and shift while talking or eating.

Another added benefit of implant-retained dentures is that the implants stimulate the bone meaning your facial structure won’t change. This means you can avoid the sunken-in appearance that often comes with traditional dentures.

Although it takes more time and money to get high-quality dentures, anyone with custom dentures will tell you they’re worth it. It’s important to remember that your dentures are an investment, and the more you’re willing to put in, the more you’ll get out of them. Even more, the confidence you’ll gain from your high-quality dentures will have a lasting impact on the course of your life. Contact our dentist in Lincoln, NE. We can help you!

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