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Whether you are looking for a family dentist in Lincoln, NE, want to know how to whiten your teeth, require a root canal, need restoration or implant-retained denture options, or just need a caring dentist who offers affordable dentistry in Lincoln, NE, Preserve Family Dentistry and our dentist in Lincoln, NE offers a wide variety of dental services.

In our article we’ll cover the dental services our gentle dentist in Lincoln, NE offers, and we’ll also answer commonly asked questions. Our team is here to help!

Or…learn about specific affordable dentistry services offered by our dentist near me in Lincoln, NE:

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Affordable Dentistry Services:
Root Canals and Endodontics in Lincoln, NE

We offer comfortable and fast endodontics in Lincoln, NE. Root canal procedures, on average, take about one hour. Dr. Anton Diy is an experienced root canal dentist in Lincoln, NE, and has performed many endodontic procedures. He is committed to your comfort and ultimately your positive root canal experience. Contact us if you would like to meet with Dr. Anton Diy to learn more about root canals, an endodontic procedure in Lincoln, NE.

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Dental Services:
Sedation Dentistry

If you or know someone who has a dental phobia, we cater to patients with dental anxiety and dental phobia. Here at Preserve Family Dentistry, we understand the struggle and offer family dentistry near me with alternatives such as sedation dentistry to patients whom are qualified.

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Affordable Dentistry Services from Dentists in Lincoln, NE: Pediatric and Family Dentistry

We love to see families at our office. We see kids from the age of one to patients over 100 years old and perform many general dentistry dental services at our office. Click the link below to learn more about what our dentist in Lincoln, NE has to offer for our general dentistry treatment.

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Premium Dental Services:
Implant-Retained Dentures and All-On-4 Dental Implants

Our dentist in Lincoln, NE offers a variety of cosmetic procedures for a whiter, beautiful, and natural-looking smile, including teeth in one permanent dental implants. The gentle dentists in Lincoln, NE at Preserve Family Dentistry can craft you a smile to your specific liking. Click the link below to discover our cosmetic dentistry options. We offer many cosmetic solutions including teeth-in-one day or All-On-4 Dental Implants. Learn more about the Hybrid Prosthesis in Lincoln, NE.

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Affordable Dentistry Services:
Emergency Care for Your Family

If you are experiencing a dental emergency call our emergency emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE. With our online scheduling and emergency contact, we can get you in and treated right away. Need tips to help manage dental pain? Learn more from our dentists about dental pain management in Lincoln, NE. Wondering what we can fix? Click the link below to be directed to the emergency care we provide.

Commonly Asked Questions of Our Dentist in Lincoln, NE Regarding Affordable Dentistry Services:

Affordable Dentistry
What do I do if I can't afford a dentist?
Finding affordable dentistry can be challenging and that’s why our dentists in Lincoln, NE have worked hard to create dental payment plans. In addition, we also work with CareCredit® and Ally® lending. Getting dental care has never been so easy.  
Biological Dentistry
Does insurance cover biological dentists?
Although not everyone sees the benefit of seeking a biological dentist, they are an excellent investment to whole-body health for safe dentistry. A biological dentist (not a holistic dentist) considers the health of the entire body and, therefore, uses materials in dentistry that are safer for you. Fillings that a biological dentist does, for example, are a resin, composite material versus the silver mercury, amalgam fillings a traditional dentist might use. Over time, silver amalgam fillings could be harmful to your health. A biological dentist also has an emphasis on nutrition. Thus, helping patients understand the connection between oral and overall health.
How much does seeing a biological dentist cost?
Seeing a biological dentist, on average, costs more than seeing a traditional dentist, but do know that it doesn’t mean seeing a biological dentist is unobtainable or unaffordable. Often, dental insurance does cover some of the costs of biological dentistry. Each dental plan and coverage amount varies.  
Broken Denture Repair
How much does it cost to fix broken dentures?
Broken dentures often seem to happen at the most inopportune time, which means you are left scrambling to find a dental clinic or lab to help you repair them. When dentures break, it’s also likely that you will want them repaired as soon as possible. With that being said, it’s essential to know that the price you will pay for broken denture repair does vary. Each break is unique, and therefore, each broken denture will require a different level of fixing. In some cases, your dentist might be able to repair your broken denture in their dental clinic, and in other cases, your denture must be sent to a dental lab for repair.  
What is the average cost for broken denture repair?
Generally speaking, the average denture repair done at a dental office can cost anywhere from $120 to $200 or more. It is important to remember that the cost does vary because each denture repair situation is unique.  
Broken Tooth
How much does it cost to fix a broken tooth?
While it might seem that there should be a standard cost for fixing a broken tooth, it is essential to know that everyone’s situation when it comes to a broken tooth is very different. Which, in turn, means that the cost varies. Because each situation is different, the cost of repair for a broken tooth varies. Another factor to consider when it comes to repairing cost: was there a dental crown in place, did the tooth have a filling, a veneer, or a previous root canal? Any of the above things can significantly affect the approach for treatment, which means that the cost will also vary greatly.  
Dental Abscess
How much does it cost to get a tooth abscess removed?
Just as with all other medical and dental procedures, the cost of treating a dental abscess can and does vary. Some of the significant factors contributing to the cost of dental abscess removal are insurance and whether you see a general dentist or seek more specialized care with an endodontist. The average cost of dental abscess removal can range from between $900 to $1400. However, keep in mind that other various factors, including the seriousness of the abscess and difficulty of removal, can affect the cost.  
Dental Bridge
How much does a three-tooth bridge cost?
If you have one or more missing teeth, a fixed tooth bridge may be a good option for you to regain that healthy, functional smile. A fixed bridge is cemented into place with the support of teeth on either side of the space supporting a pontic tooth in the middle. Thus, replacing the space, which is why it’s referred to as a bridge. We match the shape and color of your surrounding teeth to provide a bridge that looks and functions like your original teeth. The cost of a dental bridge is less than that of a dental implant, so some people choose the more affordable bridge option. On average, a bridge can range from $2400 to $3000. Something important to keep in mind is that bridges don’t preserve the bone structure of your jaw as a natural tooth or implant does. So, you may experience receding bones, but regular check-ups and monitoring will maintain your newly gained oral health.  
Dental Cleaning, Routine
How often should you get a dental cleaning?
Common check-up and cleaning costs vary and should be done bi-annually or twice per year. Dentists charge different rates depending on your situation and where you live. 
What does the average dental cleaning cost?
An average check-up, in most areas, costs up to $327, which covers an exam, x-rays, and cleaning. Costs do, however, vary depending upon location and provider and, in some cases, insurance coverage. Many dental insurance companies cover the cost of dental cleanings biannually (two times per year), at 100%, which means they are done at no cost to you. Each dental plan has specified limitations and coverage frequency. 
Dental Crown / Nickel-Free, White
What is the difference between a tooth cap and a tooth crown?
A tooth cap and a tooth crown are essentially the same things. A dental crown is, in short, a “cap” for a tooth that offers both stability and protection as well as functionality. How much does a crown cost for a tooth? On average, a dental crown for a single tooth can cost between $1100 to $1500. Your dental insurance might cover a portion of your new crown. Each plan has specified coverage details and limitations. Our team can assist you in calling to verify your plan details.  
How much How much does a crown cost for a tooth?
On average, a dental crown can cost between $900-$1700 per tooth, as with many other dental services, the cost can vary greatly depending upon insurance coverage.
How much are white crowns for teeth?
A dental crown covers your entire tooth to correct misshapen, crooked, or damaged teeth that need more than a thin veneer. This porcelain crown will look precisely like your tooth before the damage and will blend flawlessly with the rest of your teeth. A dental crown can strengthen your tooth and prevent it from breaking. Because both these options are custom corrective solutions, the cost of dental veneers and dental crowns can vary. We can create a plan that aligns your smile transformation with your budget. While fillings are needed to block off a tooth’s internal damages, crowns protect a tooth’s “outside area.” Crown placement typically follows a root canal treatment, and a crown’s cost is tied to the base’s material. Crowns can vary widely on materials used and, subsequently, cost:
Dental Payment Plans, Low-Cost Dentistry
How can I get dental work done cheaply?
Sometimes, individuals tend to use the keyword “cheap” when searching for products or services they need to cut costs or save money. Although cheap isn’t always bad, cheap may not always be a good idea when it comes to any health care. Instead, look for places or providers that offer excellent care and payment plans. Finding a provider that offers payment plans means that you will still get exceptional care without sacrificing the quality of work. At any Nebraska Family Dentistry location, we offer a handful of convenient payment options so that you can get the care you deserve. In addition, we also accept CareCredit® and Ally® Lending. Your oral health is our priority, and YOU deserve to smile!  
Is there a dental office near me in Lincoln, NE that offers dental payment plans?
Yes! All seven Nebraska Family Dentistry dental clinic locations in Lincoln, NE, offer a handful of convenient payment options. In addition to our payment options, we also offer additional modern convenience features such as online scheduling and online bill pay. We know life is busy, and we’re here to make your experience as easy and stress-free as possible.  
How can I fix my teeth with no money?
Everyone deserves access to great healthcare no matter your situation. If you can’t afford a dentist or need low-cost dental services, don’t worry – you have options. Clinic with a HEART®, UNMC College of Dentistry, and Dental Health and Nutrition Services Division are just a few of the great resources that offer free or sliding fee scale dentistry right here in Lincoln, NE.  
Where is the cheapest place to have your teeth done?
Searching for cheap medical services of any kind isn’t always the best idea. If you are, however, needing affordable dental care in Lincoln, NE you have options. The team right here at Preserve Family Dentistry, offers affordable dental care in Lincoln, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality. Find out how our dentist in Lincoln can help you.  
How much do dentures cost without insurance?
Dentures can be a very affordable way to restore your smile. With the many different types of dentures on the market today, you can upgrade your smile while remaining vigilant of the cost. Because there might be some prep work before you get your new smile, such as tooth extractions, the cost can vary significantly from patient to patient. Because there are various types of dentures available, all made with materials differing in strength, it is essential to know that the cost of dentures varies from type to type and from provider to provider. Some dental providers can make dentures “in-house” in their lab, so they don’t have to charge additional patient fees. However, dental providers that work closely with dental labs often have a great working relationship, which means that they can offer affordable services to the providers with whom they work.  
Emergency Dentistry
Do dental emergencies cost more?
Yes and no. Dental emergencies can cost more if, of course, you are left trying to find someone to care for your dental needs after hours. Generally speaking, dentists are not going to charge any more for the actual service. Still, they might, however, charge an “emergency fee,” which would be if you contacted them outside of regular business hours, i.e., weekend, evening, or a holiday.  
How much is an emergency dentist fee?
All dentists that see emergency cases have their fee. This is generally a one-time fee, which is assessed at the time of the visit.
Endodontics, Root Canal
What does an endodontist do compared to a dentist?
An endodontist is a specialized root canal dentist, whereas a general dentist sees many dental conditions and does not focus specifically on root canals alone. Many general dentists can perform gentle root canals right in their dental clinic.  
Is a root canal worth it?
Root canal treatment and impacted tooth “root cutting” is used on patients with exposed, infected, or damaged tooth roots. Most often, root canal treatment costs are tied to the procedure’s difficulty. In many cases, a root canal can offer a great option to “save” a tooth that might otherwise need to be extracted.
How much does it cost to get a root canal?
An average of $120 for a single, exposed root removal procedure. An average of $185 for a single, residual tooth root removal procedure.The overall cost for root canal services is between $400 to $1200 per tooth.
What is the average tooth removal cost?
An average of $120 for a single, exposed root removal procedure. An average of $185 for a On average, you can expect to pay between $75 to $300 for a tooth extraction. The cost varies based upon surgical or non-surgical tooth removal, the need for anesthesia, and other factors, including complicated soft-tissue extractions.  
How much is a one tooth flipper?
Just as with any tooth-replacement option, the cost of a one tooth flipper does vary. The most significant factor that determines the final price of a flipper is insurance. If you have dental insurance, there is a possibility that your plan might cover some of the cost. Every dental plan has specifics regarding coverage on tooth replacement options.  

Gummy Smile Correction
How much does it cost to fix a gummy smile?
Gummy smile correction is an excellent way for those who feel they have “too” much gum showing to correct their smile. There are multiple ways individuals can choose to correct a gummy smile, with the most common option being the removal of excessive gum tissue. There are, however, additional options that can be discussed with your dentist to correct a gummy smile.  

The average cost of gummy smile correction?
As with many dental procedures, the cost for correcting a gummy smile does vary. There is no set cost for gummy smile correction because there are multiple options for restoring your smile. One patient may choose gum recontouring, while another patient might opt for the placement of veneers, thus affecting the number of visits, and ultimately, the price. The best way to determine what your gummy smile correction will cost is to schedule a consultation with our dentist at Preserve Family Dentistry. Scheduling a consultation will give you a chance to meet our Preserve Family Dentistry dentist and explore all options for restoring your smile.  

Hybrid Prosthesis
Average missing tooth/teeth replacement cost with the Hybrid Prosthesis?
The ultimate tooth replacement option is the Hybrid Prosthesis. As with any replacement option, multiple factors can determine the final cost of your new Hybrid Prosthesis.The price can vary depending upon a handful of factors and range from $300 to $25,000.  

How much do implant anchored dentures cost?
The Lincoln, NE Hybrid Bridge concept offers a cost-effective and cosmetically pleasing same-day solution to replace a full set of upper or lower teeth with a dentist near me. With just four strategically positioned dental implants, our office can help you reestablish a complete and beautiful smile. Implant retained dentures cost varies, but the price is between $1600 to $2200 per implant. Surprisingly, implant dentures can end up costing less than other types of dentures. Another bonus of implant dentures is that it does help preserve the jaw bone. So, not only are you getting high-end dentures, but you are also preserving bone, which will help you retain a youthful appearance.  

How much are hybrid implants?
Hybrid implants are one of the top teeth replacement options today. The Hybrid Prosthesis is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it will also help preserve the jaw bone. The preservation of bone within the face means that not only will your teeth look and function well, but you’ll be able to avoid the “sunken-in” facial appearance that often comes with tooth loss. This smile will offer top-notch performance (while speaking and chewing) in addition to looking stunning. The Hybrid Prosthesis is genuinely a confidence booster!  

Periodontal Disease Treatment
How much does it cost to treat periodontal disease?
Receding gums is a condition characterized by the gum “pulling back” or receding from the tooth’s surface. Ultimately, the tooth’s root becomes exposed. Generally speaking, periodontal gum disease is the result of poor oral hygiene. The result of periodontal disease is tooth loss.  

What is the average cost for periodontal disease treatment?
The average cost for periodontal treatment varies. Some dental insurance companies allow coverage for periodontal disease treatment. Still, often treatment costs will fall outside of allowable limits, which typically leave the patient with an out-of-pocket portion. Generally, periodontal treatment is performed in quadrants and can cost up to $1800 (per quadrant) without insurance. If you have periodontal disease and need treatment, check with your dental insurance provider and see if you have coverage and verify the allowed amounts, giving you a better idea of your out-of-pocket cost.  

Replacing Missing Teeth
What is the best option for replacing missing teeth?
Missing teeth can hurt your confidence and affect your health. If you’re chewing only on one side, you’re overcompensating for the missing tooth and putting a lot of pressure on your healthy teeth. A missing tooth can cause other teeth to shift, further damaging your smile and compromising your bite. Fortunately, we offer several solutions and can help you choose which replacement option is right for you.  

What is the average missing tooth/teeth replacement cost?
Because there are so many tooth replacement options and various combinations, there is no actual average cost for replacing missing teeth. Each tooth replacement option is unique and is priced per patient. While one patient might opt for the Hybrid Prosthesis, another could opt for cosmetic dentures, which means the cost from patient to patient will vary significantly. Visiting one of our skilled cosmetic dentists will allow you to explore all of your tooth replacement options with pricing.  

Replacing Old Silver, Mercury Fillings
Can you replace silver fillings with white fillings?
While old silver fillings, also called amalgam fillings, may last for years, they develop cracks due to temperature changes in the mouth and the metal expanding and contracting. These cracks allow bacteria to harm the already damaged tooth, causing other costly and potentially painful tooth decay, possibly leading to a root canal. Many of our patients have elected to replace these fillings because they prefer white fillings or dental crowns and want to increase the longevity of a dental cap or filling. We believe every tooth is unique and will evaluate each one to determine whether replacement is the best option for you.  

What is the average silver filling replacement cost?
Replacing silver fillings with white, tooth-colored composite filling varies. In most cases, prices may increase if a filling is “hard to reach.” A back molar, an impacted tooth, or other complications may cost more than a simple filling for a front tooth.  

Sedation Dentistry
What kind of sedation do dentists use?
Sedation dentistry can help you feel relaxed during your dental treatment. We offer sedation dentistry services at all of our Lincoln dental clinics.  

What is the average sedation dentistry cost?
The term sedation dentistry refers to many kinds of sedation that can be used in dentistry. What are the types of sedation dentistry? Sedation dentistry includes oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and IV sedation. All three are very different in how they are administered, which means that the cost varies significantly for each type of sedation.
For example, if your dentist offers oral sedation in the form of a pill and they call a prescription into your pharmacy, your cost might be different than your neighbor who had the same form of sedation from their dentist. Why? If you have prescription insurance, they may cover a portion of your prescription at the pharmacy. Because insurance plans have varying terms, your cost will likely be much different from your neighbor’s.

Smile Makeover / Cosmetic Dentistry
How much does a smile makeover cost?
Crooked and misshapen teeth are not only unsightly, but they can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other oral health concerns. Braces can often take months or years to correct your smile, so we offer alternatives to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. A smile makeover can completely restore your confidence. Because there are so many variations as to what exactly can be done with a smile makeover, there is no definitive or “average” cost. The best way to obtain accurate numbers for a smile makeover is to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled cosmetic dentists to see what they can do for you. After your initial consultation, our office coordinators can provide you with a cost estimate for your new smile.  
How much does it cost to get a smile makeover?
A smile makeover can completely restore your confidence. Because there are so many variations as to what exactly can be done with a smile makeover, there is no definitive or “average” cost. The cost can be figured per arch (all top teeth or all bottom teeth) or per tooth. The best way to obtain accurate numbers for a smile makeover is to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled cosmetic dentists to see what they can do for you. After your initial consultation, our office coordinators can provide you with a cost estimate for your new smile.  
How is teledentistry done?
If you need a dental check-up but aren’t comfortable with an in-office visit, teledentistry, or online visits completed over the internet, can allow you to get the care you need without coming to the office.  
What is the average cost of teledentistry?
While there is no actual average cost of teledentistry, it has been proven to be effective in providing you with the care you need. The price of teledentistry can and does vary from one dental practice to another. So, whether you have a new dental concern or need a second opinion, our team of dental professionals at Nebraska Family Dentistry can help you.  
Teeth Bonding
How much does tooth bonding cost?
We often use bonding to correct smaller tooth gaps because it’s a quick, simple process where we add a layer of resin material to your tooth and instantly bond it with a special light. As cosmetic dentistry professionals, we know how to create a natural-looking tooth so you can leave our office with a completely new smile.  
What is the average teeth bonding cost?
While the cost can vary from provider to provider, an average of $300 to $600 per tooth is relatively common. However, know that this is not a guaranteed number, as all providers have their pricing.  
Teeth Whitening
How much does it cost to whiten your teeth?
Just like many other areas of dentistry, you have choices when it comes to whitening your teeth. These choices all come at varying costs. A take-home whitening kit varies in price compared to in-office professional whitening done under the direct supervision of a dental professional.  
What is the average cost of teeth whitening?
On average, you can plan to spend up to $450 for teeth whitening services. Do know that the cost does vary based on the dental office and type of whitening you are having performed.  
Veneers and Instant Orthodontics
What is instant orthodontics?
Crooked and misshapen teeth are not only unsightly, but they can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other oral health concerns. Braces can often take months or years to correct your smile, so we offer alternatives to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.  
What is the average instant orthodontics cost?
Because instant orthodontics covers a wide variety of services that can be done to restore your smile, the cost does vary. Veneers, crowns, and bonding are all forms of instant orthodontics. So, depending on what method or combination of methods you choose, the cost will vary.  
White / Mercury-Free Dental Fillings
Are white fillings better?
We complete almost all composite fillings in just one appointment. The process includes thoroughly numbing your tooth, cleaning out any decay, possibly applying a special medication for added protection, then placing and shaping the composite to look like an improved version of your original tooth that fits your current bite.  
What is the average white dental filling cost?
On average, white dental filling costs can range from $50 to $340. Again, there are several factors taken into consideration when determining the price of a white filling. One of the most significant determining factors is insurance. Often, dental insurance companies downgrade filling costs, meaning they will pay only for amalgam restorations. What this means for the patients is that if you need a filling and your dentist only offers white, tooth-colored fillings, your insurance will still pay, but ultimately your out-of-pocket cost for a tooth-colored restoration will be slightly higher.  
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