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How To Find The Best
Dentures In 2022

Finding the “best dentures 2022” isn’t always as straightforward and easy as one might think. When considering dentures, there are several different factors that you should take into account. We all know that the search can be difficult. So, we’ve written this article in an attempt to help you find the “best dentures 2022.” Keep reading, and we’ll help you learn more about the denture process and the options we have available.

At Preserve Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, we understand that losing your teeth is difficult. We have seen multiple patients over the years who have experienced tooth loss. Because of that, our team is confident that we can help you find just what you need.

If you’re looking for the “best dentures 2022” you’re likely thinking along the lines of cosmetic dentures.

Image of dentures. If you are looking for the "best dentures" contact our Lincoln dentist at Preserve Family Dentistry.

What Are The Best Dentures in Lincoln, NE? Could it Be Cosmetic Dentures?

Cosmetic dentures, generally speaking, are going to be the “top” choice for high-end, high-quality dentures. Cosmetic dentures are usually a tad more costly than “budget” dentures. However, the benefits of cosmetic dentures often make up for their price. Cosmetic dentures tend to look more natural, like real teeth. They are called cosmetic dentures because they are intended to make your smile aesthetically beautiful!

Cosmetic dentures also feel much more natural than other available denture options. They have a natural fit, which helps when chewing and speaking. Dentures that are “custom” help patients avoid some of the caveats that come with cheap dentures, such as slipping and clacking in the mouth, awkward social encounters, and sores from ill-fitting dentures.

If you know anyone embarrassed about losing their teeth or knowing someone who could benefit from extensive improvements to their smile, please refer them to us. We’d be honored to help them!

Image of Dr. Anton Diy at Preserve Family Dentistry discussing options for "best dentures in Lincoln, NE."
Image of Dr. Anton Diy at Preserve Family Dentistry. If you are looking for the best dentures, Dr. Diy can help you explore your options.

Things to Keep in Mind When Searching For the Best Dentures 2022

Cosmetic dentures, just like with many other things, can vary significantly in quality. There are so many denture options on the market that claim to offer cheap options that will last. However, just like many other things, if denture companies are making their dentures with cheap materials, they won’t last. Individuals who choose the most affordable dentures generally end up paying more in the long run after needing replacements.

While cosmetic dentures might be an excellent choice, they do have some drawbacks. These drawbacks really do exist. So, we believe it’s essential that you’re aware of them before you make any decisions. With dentures, your jaw will experience bone loss over time. Dentures that are not implant-retained and are removable, must be cleaned often. This can become messy and time-consuming.

Because of these drawbacks, another option worth keeping in mind when upgrading to a cosmetic denture is our newest procedure, called the Hybrid Prosthesis which can be done by a dentist near me in Lincoln, NE.

Image of the Hybrid Prosthesis. The Hybrid Prosthesis is considered one of the best dentures and can be created by dentists in Lincoln, NE.

Implant dentistry with the Hybrid Prosthesis is similar to implant dentures, but not the same. With the Hybrid Prosthesis, multiple implants are placed and help retain the bridge, making this option permanent.

Benefits of the Hybrid Bridge Prosthesis:

• When compared to single implants, the overall cost is reduced.

• In most cases, the need for bone grafting is eliminated.

• Easy maintenance with proper oral hygiene.

• Restores the ability to eat all of your favorite foods.

• When compared to removable dentures, many of the frustrations are removed.

• Long-term results and with excellent home care and it has the potential to last a lifetime.

• With bone level stabilization it restores a youthful appearance.

• Creates an entirely new smile in just one day.

• Enhances self-confidence and overall quality of life.

Although there are many benefits to the Hybrid Prosthesis, our team at Preserve Family Dentistry still understands that the Teeth in One Day procedure isn’t suitable for everyone. However, we believe that it is still a great idea to keep all of our patients informed and educated on all available options. In providing education, we can make you aware of options that are available to you. In turn, being educated will help you make an excellent decision; a decision that will impact you for the rest of your life.

Image of Dr. Anton Diy, at Preserve Family Dentistry, explaining the best dentures and teeth replacement options to a patient.

What’s the Process for Getting the Best Dentures?

If you need dentures, you’ll likely want to know what you can expect during your treatment. The process of getting custom cosmetic dentures with a “dentist near me” does involve a series of appointments.

1. Impressions – To begin, your dentist in Lincoln, NE will take an impression of your mouth. Once the impression has been taken, the dentist will send this impression to a dental lab. The lab will use the impression to duplicate the positions of your jaw, lips, and teeth to create your new dentures.

2. Personality – When creating your new dentures, your Lincoln dentist will get your input about your new dentures. A person’s smile is far more than what they use to speak and eat. A smile contains character and personality. The dental lab will create your new dentures with your desired results in mind.

3. Practicality – Once you have decided how you want your new smile to look, your dentist in Lincoln, NE will evaluate various aspects such as function. Just as important as aesthetics is the overall function of the dentures.

4. Test Dentures – Once you have decided on how you want your new dentures to look, your Lincoln, NE dentist will have you try a pair of temporary dentures. This allows you to see how your dentures will feel and look. If they fit as they should, the dental lab will fabricate new dentures just for you and make any necessary final adjustments.

5. Receiving Your Dentures – Once you and your dentist in Lincoln, NE are happy with the feel and look of your new dentures, the lab will proceed. They will fabricate dentures based on the specifications you and your Lincoln dentist worked on throughout the process. Once the denture fabrication process is complete, you will come back to the dental office for your final appointment, where you’ll receive your new dentures.

Image of a piggy bank. This image represents the cost saving you could see over time by exploring your options and choosing some of the best dentures on the market. Getting  great dentures from the start will save you time and money in the long run.

Assessing Cost of The Best Dentures: Ensure You Get the Most Denture for Your Money

Finding the cost of the best dentures 2022 isn’t always easy. Because you are looking for high-end dentures, likely, you won’t be considering budget dentures. Generally, that means you can expect to pay more than $2000. While that can seem like a substantial amount, it is essential to remember just how much you’ll use your dentures. Not only will your dentures help you speak, but they’ll express your personality, and they will help you chew. More than anything, getting a great pair of dentures is truly an investment for your future. A great set of dentures will ensure your confidence. In the end, they’ll help you feel good about the way you feel and look.

A great way to learn about the “best dentures 2022” cost is to visit our team at Preserve Family Dentistry for a consultation. So, if you’ve been thinking about moving forward with a new smile and dentures, give us a call at 402-413-7000 and schedule your consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions about the “Best Dentures 2022

Image of a happy couple contemplating the best dentures in Lincoln, NE.

Is it hard to eat with dentures? Your Lincoln, NE dentist answers…

After you have grown accustomed to your new dentures and your mouth has finished healing, you should have no problem eating most foods. There are certain foods, however, that will always be difficult to eat. Difficult to eat foods might include hard foods, sticky or chewy foods, or foods that have small, hard pieces.

Image of Dr. Anton Diy. Dr. Diy is a Lincoln, NE dentist at Preserve Family Dentistry and would be happy to discuss some of the best dentures to help you restore your smile.

How long will the “best dentures 2022” last? Your Lincoln, NE dentist answers…

Because of the constant bone levels changes after your teeth are removed, cosmetic dentures need to be replaced or relined periodically. Generally, dentures that have been well cared for can last 5 to 8 years. Over time, however, you will wear down your dentures, and your gums and bone will shrink. Thus, causing your dentures to become loose. Ultimately, this can cause rocking during chewing.

Adult woman thinking about dental care and finding the best dentures. The definition of "best" varies for everyone, so discuss your options with a dentist in Lincoln, NE.

Is it necessary to take out my dentures at night? Your Lincoln, NE dentist answers…

It’s always an excellent idea to remove your dentures at night while sleeping. This will allow the soft tissues within the mouth to receive the necessary oxygen. Patients who don’t ever take out their dentures at night are at higher risk of developing fungal infections and sore spots.

Image of a happy woman who is looking for the best dentures near me in Lincoln, NE.

Can you wear the “best dentures 2022” if you have bone loss? Your Lincoln, NE dentist answers…

To ensure that you are making a good decision for your oral and overall health, it is a good idea to discuss all of your options with your dentist in Lincoln, NE. They will take any necessary x-rays to determine how much jawbone is still present. In some cases, patients who have severe and extensive bone loss and who have had teeth missing for decades might not be able to successfully wear cosmetic dentures. In cases where patients have experienced a significant amount of bone removal from oral cancer, a prosthodontist might need to be consulted. A prosthodontist can assist in the treatment plan and offer alternative options. Most patients can successfully have a cosmetic denture or an implant-retained denture without many problems. This still holds true even if they do have a history of bone loss.

Image of a happy man who has just learned about some of the best dentures on the market.

Can the “best denture near me” take years off and make me look younger? Your Lincoln, NE dentist answers…

With high-quality materials and the superb craftsmanship that is available today in modern dental labs, you can indeed have a very youthful smile even if you are wearing dentures. Having a nice white, bright set of teeth in place of failing or missing teeth will, without a doubt, improve any smile. To preserve a youthful look, you should consider an implant-retained overdenture. Having implants will allow the bone within the jaw to be preserved, which will prevent the sunken-in facial appearance that often enhances the signs of aging.

So, if you’re looking for the “best dentures 2022,” the “best denture Lincoln, NE,” or the “best denture near me,” be sure to visit with a Lincoln dentist near me and explore all of your options. You deserve to have a smile you’re proud of, even if you’re wearing dentures!

While there are many options for teeth replacement, you might be wondering what is the “best denture Lincoln, NE” or what is the “best denture near me?” Our dentist in Lincoln, NE explains.

Image of a YouTube video clip. In this video Dr. Anton Diy at Preserve Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE explains the "best" dentures and best replacement options for all teeth.
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