Can you reverse cavities or tooth decay?

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The results found that Group 1, those who had a diet rich in grains and phytic acid, had an increased number of cavities. Group 2 had improvements with fewer cavities overall. Group 3, who consumed a grain-free diet with nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, and took Vitamin D, saw the most significant improvements — yes, they were able to reverse cavities that were small in size. In addition to whether or not cavities can be reversed, people often have other questions. Below, we’ll answer some of the most common questions our dentist in Lincoln, NE hears about cavities including:

When can you reverse a cavity? Read below to learn more.

-How do you reverse a cavity early? We’ll explain the benefits of great home care.

-Can small cavities go away? Yes! Find out how.

What happens if you ignore a cavity? Unfortunately, cavities will continue to grow.

Cavities can be compared to cancer in the sense that they will grow if something is not done. But can you reverse cavities? Our dentist in Lincoln, NE says that small cavities can be reversed, but bigger ones can not and must be fixed

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How can you reverse cavities?

Yes, you can reverse cavities – at least ones that are small. Decay starts with a reduction in the enamel’s hard mineral content (this is called demineralization). Once the enamel is weakened enough, and the process moves into the softer dentin, just under the enamel, a hole can start to form, and you have a cavity.

The demineralization of enamel is a reversible process. Enamel can be remineralized if the chemical and pH conditions in the mouth allow the change.

Sugary and acidic conditions with the teeth covered in plaque result in demineralization. Clean, plaque-free teeth, maybe some fluoride present, and no acid, will promote remineralization. Have questions? We offer affordable dental services for the entire family. No matter your age, we’ve got you covered!

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In the early stages of decay, when only the enamel is involved, it is possible to reverse cavities. Once a SMALL cavity has formed, decay can be stopped, sometimes, only with great attention to cleaning and the use of fluoride to re-mineralize the tooth. The cavity will remain as tooth structure does not grow back.

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If there’s a large cavity, the decay cannot be reversed by your dentist in Lincoln, NE, except with some special techniques such as flooding the cavity with ozonated water, which kills the bacteria, causing the decay.

In short, your Lincoln dentist says you can reverse very early decay, but not well-established decay. If you have more questions about your dental health, feel free contact our dentist in Lincoln, NE to schedule an appointment online. We would be more than happy to help you.

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