Are Root Canals Safe for Overall Health?

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As a root canal dentist in Lincoln,  I am often asked: ” Is it possible to have a safe root canal for overall health?”

In this blog, I will explain when you can have a safe root canal and when a root canal treatment is not the best option.

I the cavity reaches the nerve space a safe root canal is an option to save the tooth. Once in a while, a tooth may end up dying without a sign of any cavity, In either case, the nerve of the tooth dies and turns into an abscess leaving a toot with a bacterial infection inside the pulp space (space where the nerve resided). If the bacteria is not all removed from this area during the root canal process, the tooth can become a source of chronic bacteria. After the nerve and blood supply is removed from the tooth, an empty space is left behind. The same bacteria that was responsible for the infecting the nerve in the first place will often multiply in this dead space, leading to chronic infection.


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What is the Solution to achieve a safe root canal? Your root canal dentist answers…


The best way to be proactive about this potential problem is to find a root canal dentist that understands the importance of effectively removing the bacteria, and is careful to be sure a tooth is eligible for a root canal. Many teeth will not qualify for a root canal since bacteria cannot be removed after a traditional root canal treatment. There are situations when a root canal is a great option to save the tooth.


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What Kind of Teeth are Appropriate Candidates for a Safe Root Canal? Your root canal dentist answers…

Any tooth that is simply cracked, broken, or otherwise injured will not contain a significant amount of harmful bacteria. Instead, the tooth may just be suffering from acute inflammation. A toothache caused by acute inflammation can easily be saved and preserved by performing root canal treatment.


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What About Abscessed or Infected Teeth? Can a safe root canal be performed on abscessed or infected teeth?  Your root canal dentist answers…

If a patient has had a long-standing tooth infection, an abscess will typically develop as a result. Performing a root canal is a poor treatment option for saving an abscessed tooth, and doing so can lead to chronic low-grade infection in a patient’s mouth. Many patients have a high tolerance for this kind of infection. However, those with autoimmune disorders will find themselves struggling to stay healthy as a consequence of a compromised root canal. Healthy or not, this kind of infection puts unnecessary stress on a person’s body.


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What are My Options If a Root Canal Will Not Work? Your root canal dentist answers…

If you can not have a safe root canal, the next best option would be to create a dental implant made out of biologically compatible material. A dental implant will protect you from the buildup of bacteria and the resulting infection.

If you’re concerned about your teeth or have any questions about the root canal process, feel free to make an appointment online or give us a call.


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